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"50+ Ways to Prevent Falls"

Our goal is to help you to create a safe environment at home. We feel like education is key - that's why we provide this free fall prevention guide, and lots of other good ideas about independent living on our "Thrive!" blog.
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Please print our fall prevention guide, and feel free to share it with your friends and family.

About This Free Fall Prevention Guide

Medical Care Alert offers this free guide to educate and inform families on ways to prevent falls. We want you to share this guide to your heart’s content. Please link or direct people to https://www.medicalcarealert.com/nofalls.

How can we prevent falls?

To answer, we’ve gathered some of the best fall-prevention tips together in a single book to help caretakers, clients, friends, and relatives of those who are likely to fall. These tips will help you fall-proof your home and make it much safer for everyone who comes over.