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Top 20 Blogs for Caregivers

There are many factors which go into being a good caregiver, starting with making the decision to become a caregiver in the first place. As you know, there are always options and always possibilities, and making the best choices is difficult when you don’t have enough information.

We’ve scoured the web to find blogs which have information and provide the support that you need to be the best caregiver that you can be. Each of these top 20 blogs for caregivers represented here below is exemplary in the information, the storytelling, or the support that it offers its readers.


Brenda Avadian founded The Caregiver’s Voice Blog in 1988 with the sole intention to provide inspiration, information, and recreation to caregivers who were caring for loved ones with disabilities. As more people of the sandwich generation end up as caregivers, their intention is to build resources and create a valuable library.


Taking care of aging parents or other loved ones can be very difficult. understands this, their mission being to help the helpers. They offer resources designed to help family caregivers relieve stress, save money, and make better decisions regarding themselves and their loved ones.
eCareDiary makes caregivers’ lives easier by coordinating and developing online tools for caregiving resources. Founded by people who have been there and watched their own parents decline, eCareDiary creates a safety net of those people who have been there. Their blog offers resources, care, and support to caregivers from around the globe.


Taking care of a parent or loved one, the same people who took care of you as a child, can be difficult. You might not have asked for the situation, but you’re now in it. You’re not alone, not by any stretch of the imagination. The Elder Care ABC Blog builds an online community of caregivers who welcome others to pull on their strength, their experiences, and their practical knowledge.



The Caregivers blog is the combined effort of four people: Martha Stettinius, Ann Napoletan, Merret Mann, and Dana Larsen. Each of them gives insight about issues acting the elder care community. They also discuss books, movies, and other media which is important to those in caregiver roles.



Lotsa Helping Hands creates online Communities that provide support and understanding within caregivers’ lives. Caregivers and volunteers assist one another, offering solace in times of stress and need. The information-rich articles on the blog go back to 2012,and the stories last a lifetime.




A Place for Mom gives seniors (moms and dads!) an easier way to find senior care. The well-polished blog handles many aging issues, including how to handle money and difficult situations. There are volumes of information to be found here, making it one of the foremost blogs in caregiving.


A touching blog which includes the stories of two people who have reconnected with one another through the care of their elderly parents. The journey has been bittersweet and well fought, lined with humor, practical advice, and wisdom from those who are walking the walk of being caregivers. Dauna and Marky live on opposite sides of he country, and these are their stories.


Caregiver Stress is the blog and home base of Home Instead Senior Care, a champion for in-home non-medical care. There are some extraordinary resources within this blog, as it doesn’t simply talk about the two 'hot’ elderly issues of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. You can find out more about arthritis, depression, and diabetes there.


The Family Caregiver Blog brings understanding, dedication, and affection for all of the caregivers who are out there. There is focus on compassionate caregiving as well as thoughts from the professionals. The authors of this blog understand the needs of caregiving and seeks to share both the victories and losses of the family caregiver.


StarLIght Caregivers provides a huge range of caregiving services to their community, including companionship care, personal care, and dietitian services. The blog looks at elderly issues and the state of elder care throughout the nation. It also devotes some attention to providing tips and tricks for easing the lives of the caregiver.


The Caregiver Space focuses on empowering caregivers and making them feel seen, valued, and important. A non-profit organization, TCS gives comfort and understanding to those who feel like they’re adrift in the storm. The blog focuses on advice, ideas, and personal stories from those who have been there.
This site details one GenX’ers journey through caregiving by offering tips, tricks, insights, and other valuable information to the caregiving communities. The notes inside are personal, poignant, and very much worth the read to those who are just beginning or continuing their caregiver’s journey.


With an emphasis on providing tips and practical knowledge to the caregiving profession, the Caregiving Club is on a mission to improve the health and well-being of those who are in positions of caregiving. Sheri Snelling, an expert on caregiving and the issues surrounding caregiving, is the founder and CEO of the Caregiving Club.


While many of the blogs in this list are focused on caregiving and the role that the caregiver has in the modern landscape, this one speaks directly to Baby Boomers and elders about technology and staying healthy. There are also pieces devoted to Boomer blogs, apps, and gadgets that are of interest.


If you’ve got a question about elder care, there’s a distinct possibility that it’s answered in one of the blog posts at Inside Elder Care. The blog was originally set up to educate and inspire, encouraging others to make the elder care experience a positive one. Having won awards for several years in a row, this blog tackles issues like aging in place, quality of care, and abuse.


ElderCareLink provides a free service to consumers which matches elder care services to providers. Simply fill out an assessment, and the people at ElderCareLink will do the legwork to find a provider or group of providers in your geographic area who are suited to your needs.


The site is chock-full of information about elder care needs and issues. You can find valuable articles related to assisted living, Alzheimer’s, in-home care, and more.




NAPGCM, the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, strives to advance professional geriatric care management through leadership, collaboration, and education. Their ever expanding library of resources is designed to assist in both training and the continuing education of geriatric care managers.


The Alzheimer’s Reading Room has over 4000 articles related to all aspects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The mission of this blog is to help people cope with and understand dementia, as well as offer others a chance to realize that they are not alone.


Started as two friends who were trying to make things work with aging parents, the Girlfriends with Aging Parents blog has grown into a mixture of Q&A, narrative, and a serious effort to understand the process of aging and finding the necessary resources to care for those aging loved ones. Written in a poignant style, this blog will touch your heartstrings.

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