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Smart Watch For Seniors

Smart Watch For Seniors with Fall Detection and GPSOur new SmartWatch PRO is the only smart watch for seniors with fall detection built right in. 

The SmartWatch PRO is designed for seniors: big clear display, easy to use, not overwhelming. 

If they need help, just press the button and speak directly into the watch.  Our emergency response agents will know who and where they are with GPS tracking.

The SmartWatch PRO has the features they can actually use: date and time, call for emergency help, pedometer, heart rate monitor. 

It even has a fun "Virtual Assistant" feature to answer common questions like "what's the weather like tomorrow?" or "how should I treat a fever?".

Caregivers and family can use our free smartphone app to track the smart watch location, and send medication reminders. 

Smart watch for health features include automatic fall detection, pedometer, heart rate monitor, and medicaiton reminders set up through the caregiver app.

The SmartWatch PRO is discreet and can provide peace of mind for the whole family.

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