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Smart Watch For Seniors

Smart Watch For Seniors with Fall Detection and GPS

SmartWatch With Fall Detection for Seniors

Our new SmartWatch PRO is the only smartwatch for seniors with fall detection built right in. 

The SmartWatch PRO is designed with seniors in mind, providing a big, clear display screen for easy visuals and usage.


Notable SmartWatch Features

The SmartWatch PRO is easy to use. If you need help, just press the button and speak directly into the watch. GPS tracking lets our emergency response agents know who and where you are.

One of the most notable features of our smart watch is the fall detection feature. Our smart watch for seniors with fall detection is made with sensors that can track movement or elevation changes similar to those of a fall. When a fall is detected, the device will automatically call our operators, who will assess if you are safe and call for additional help if needed. 

The SmartWatch PRO has features you can actually use daily, including: 

  • Date and time: Like a traditional smartwatch or watch in general, the SmartWatch PRO will display the date and time in your area. The SmartWatch PRO works like a traditional watch — the emergency services are a bonus!
  • Emergency calling: Our smart watch for seniors with fall detection has a clear display with a large SOS function for easy access to emergency help. This service is often used for falls, but we can also help in other urgent situations.
  • Pedometer: If you like staying active, the watch also has a pedometer function to track your daily steps. You can have peace of mind when you are on a walk, knowing that help is only a button push away.
  • Heart rate monitor: While you are active or take certain medications, you can track your heart rate in real time to ensure it maintains a steady rhythm.
  • Virtual assistant: The watch even has a fun virtual assistant to use, as a traditional smartwatch does. For example, you can ask it common questions like what the weather will be like tomorrow or what the difference is between light and dark brown sugar.
  • Caregiver app: With the watch's built-in GPS, caregivers and family can use our free smartphone app to track the smartwatch's location and send medication reminders. 

Place Your Order for a Fall Detection Watch Today

The SmartWatch PRO is discreet and can provide peace of mind for the whole family. Click here to learn more or call us at 855-272-1010.


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