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Places to Walk for a Cane or Walker

Walking is an activity that can be done by anyone, young or old. ?

Couple walking through the park on a sunny day.

Walking stimulates the circulation, invigorates the brain, and otherwise keeps us and our elderly loved ones vital and thriving.

Now, we understand that there?s a fear that some seniors have of going outside and falling. Nobody wants to use their emergency medical alert system in an emergency. ?There are some places, however, which can be navigated with canes and walkers with the help of a loved one.

Here are some places where you can take your elderly loved ones walking.


Most of the driveways are paved, and for those who have limited endurance and mobility, walking up and down the driveway might be just enough exercise. Over time, endurance will develop.

Parking Lots

This is another outdoor activity which doesn?t get enough attention. ?Parking lots, when maintained, are flat and relatively bump free. ?That way, walkers and canes can get a good purchase on the ground.


There are parks everywhere, and a lot of the larger parks have tracks or walking trails that a walker or cane can be used on. ?There will be lots of people in case there?s a need for an emergency system, too.

Hiking Trails

Woman walking with camera and medical alert pendant.
When we think about hiking, we think about physically fit folks who clear the Appalachian Trail with their bare hands. ?There are other types of trails, however. ?
Here?s a list of paved, gravel, and crushed stone trails in state parks.
Now, we understand that there are people in inclement weather, and that our elderly are very susceptible to climate changes. ?We don?t believe that exercise should be done at the expense of other facets of health. ?Here are some places to walk indoors with a cane and walker.

Grocery stores

Most people don?t think about grocery stores as being walking tracks, but they are. ?Take a trip around the produce section, then wander around to the dairy and beyond. ?Just walking the perimeter of the larger grocery stores can be a workout. ?
The other thing about going shopping at grocery stores is that people expect you to be wandering around the store. ?You can stay in anonymity, yet flash your emergency system jewelry if you?d like.

Big Box Stores

Does your elderly loved one enjoy hardware, general stores, or warehouse stores? ?If you think about it as if they are flat tracks, you can get your loved one out walking with their cane or walker and not really notice that they?re exercising in the process. ?Walking around while shopping is a good way to stay in motion and be sociable.


Malls have been around for a long time, and some say that they might be going out of style with the digital revolution. ?While they?re still around, though, they make walking wonderlands, as they take great care in decorating and making malls beautiful and upscale places to be.
Again, for those who are concerned about falling and having to use their medical alert system, there are plenty of people around within the mall that can help out and help your elderly loved one feel more at home.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of where your elderly loved one can take a walk, but hopefully we?ve got the ball rolling. ?We?d love to hear about where you love to go walking with canes and walkers. ?