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New Jersey Medical Alert System Reviews

New Jersey Clients Review Medical Care Alert

We've gathered reviews from our Garden State customers in New Jersey on this page to make it easy for you to learn more about our medical care alert system. We're proud of our A+ Rating with the BBB, our Award-Winning Customer Service team.


Whether you live in the Jersey City, Trenton, Freehold, or down by the Jersey Shore, we've got you covered 24/7!


Posted by Robert M. of Newfield, New Jersey

"Very good medical alert system. I've had it for 2 months now. Has a very strong belt clip. It's sensitive to falls, operators always call when they know something is wrong."

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Posted by Charelle of Allentown, New Jersey

"They did a great job. Very polite and helped my mother and law."

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Posted by Roman of Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"My brother asked me to find a medical alert system that my mother could have with her at all times since she has been having small strokes. I chose the Medical Care Alert company based on the reviews that said they were very responsive and that they would arrange for cost free return of the equipment and cancellation of the contract if it did not work for the customer."

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Posted by Annon. of East Brunswick, New Jersey

"The sign up process was clear and efficient. All of the customer support was effective and professional. The system is easy to use."

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Posted by L.P. of Freehold, New Jersey

"What made me go with Medical Care Alert, is your knowledge of your equipment and (your representative's) "non-pushiness" or forceful sales pitch to sell YOUR product. She is so easy to talk to. I especially felt confidence that the unit is made by Bosch (reputable), the EMT's who answer your calls speak English, & are in the USA. Other outfits charged the consumer extra for the lockbox, but you didn't. Installation was very easy, testing the unit went well, clarity of the person on the other end was very clear and understandable for elderly folks. So far so good. The unit gives me peace of mind that in the event of a "fall" medical attention will be addressed & my family will be notified. Thank you.........:-)"

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Posted by Harold R. of Trenton, New Jersey

"I was driving and began to feel abnormal sensations on the left side of my body. I have had two previous heart attacks so I knew something was wrong. I felt I had to drive home to be safe. When I was within three blocks of my home, I lost the feeling in both of my hands. I dialed 911 on my cell phone and then I dropped the phone. I got out of the car and fell. I could hear the 911 operator on the phone but I couldn't tell them very well where I was located. They sent an ambulance and I could hear it all over the place looking for me but I couldn't see it. Finally they found me. I was taken to the hospital and went straight to surgery."

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