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Wyoming Medical Alert

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How To Get A Medical Alert System In Wyoming

From Afton to Yoder, we protect thousands of seniors in The Cowboy State of Wyoming and nationwide. Protect yourself or an elderly loved one with a medical alert system and get peace of mind for the whole family! Systems start at under $1 a day with our award-winning customer service and monitoring. Start by finding your city below, or call us at 1-855-272-1010.

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Medical Care Alert Coverage In Wyoming

Coverage By City In Wyoming

We cover the entire State of Wyoming with our Medical Alert Monitoring Service - please call 1-855-272-1010 if you don't see your city or town listed below.

How It Works
When you press your medical alert button you'll be connected to our Emergency Response Center. You'll speak with an EMT/EMD-Certified operator who knows WHO and WHERE you are. Depending on what you need, we'll contact family, neighbors, or alert life safety EMS to your location. All responders are local, getting you help fast.

Afton, WY Kelly, WY
Aladdin, WY Kemmerer, WY
Albin, WY Kinnear, WY
Alcova, WY Kirby, WY
Alpine, WY La Barge, WY
Alva, WY Lagrange, WY
Arapahoe, WY Lance Creek, WY
Arminto, WY Lander, WY
Arvada, WY Laramie, WY
Auburn, WY Leiter, WY
Baggs, WY Linch, WY
Bairoil, WY Lingle, WY
Banner, WY Little America, WY
Basin, WY Lonetree, WY
Bedford, WY Lost Springs, WY
Beulah, WY Lovell, WY
Big Horn, WY Lusk, WY
Big Piney, WY Lyman, WY
Bondurant, WY Lysite, WY
Bosler, WY Manderson, WY
Boulder, WY Manville, WY
Buffalo, WY Mc Kinnon, WY
Buford, WY Medicine Bow, WY
Burlington, WY Meeteetse, WY
Burns, WY Meriden, WY
Byron, WY Midwest, WY
Carlile, WY Mills, WY
Carpenter, WY Moorcroft, WY
Casper, WY Moose, WY
Centennial, WY Moran, WY
Cheyenne, WY Mountain View, WY
Chugwater, WY Natrona, WY
Clearmont, WY Newcastle, WY
Cody, WY Opal, WY
Cokeville, WY Osage, WY
Cora, WY Otto, WY
Cowley, WY Parkman, WY
Crowheart, WY Pavillion, WY
Daniel, WY Pine Bluffs, WY
Dayton, WY Pinedale, WY
Deaver, WY Point of Rocks, WY
Devils Tower, WY Powder River, WY
Diamondville, WY Powell, WY
Dixon, WY Ralston, WY
Douglas, WY Ranchester, WY
Dubois, WY Rawlins, WY
Edgerton, WY Recluse, WY
Elk Mountain, WY Reliance, WY
Emblem, WY Riverton, WY
Encampment, WY Robertson, WY
Etna, WY Rock River, WY
Evanston, WY Rock Springs, WY
Evansville, WY Rozet, WY
Fairview, WY Saddlestring, WY
Farson, WY Saint Stephens, WY
FE Warren AFB, WY Saratoga, WY
Fort Bridger, WY Savery, WY
Fort Laramie, WY Shawnee, WY
Fort Washakie, WY Shell, WY
Four Corners, WY Sheridan, WY
Frannie, WY Shirley Basin, WY
Freedom, WY Shoshoni, WY
Frontier, WY Sinclair, WY
Garrett, WY Smoot, WY
Gillette, WY Story, WY
Glendo, WY Sundance, WY
Glenrock, WY Superior, WY
Granger, WY Ten Sleep, WY
Granite Canon, WY Teton Village, WY
Green River, WY Thayne, WY
Greybull, WY Thermopolis, WY
Grover, WY Tie Siding, WY
Guernsey, WY Torrington, WY
Hanna, WY Upton, WY
Hartville, WY Van Tassell, WY
Hawk Springs, WY Veteran, WY
Hiland, WY Walcott, WY
Hillsdale, WY Wamsutter, WY
Horse Creek, WY Wapiti, WY
Hudson, WY Weston, WY
Hulett, WY Wheatland, WY
Huntley, WY Wilson, WY
Hyattville, WY Wolf, WY
Jackson, WY Worland, WY
Jay Em, WY Wright, WY
Jeffrey City, WY Wyarno, WY
Jelm, WY Yellowstone National Park, WY
Kaycee, WY Yoder, WY
We cover the entire State of Wyoming with our Medical Alert Monitoring Service - please call 1-855-272-1010 if you don't see your county listed below.
Albany County Natrona County
Big Horn County Niobrara County
Campbell County Park County
Carbon County Platte County
Converse County Sheridan County
Crook County Sublette County
Fremont County Sweetwater County
Goshen County Teton County
Hot Springs County Uinta County
Johnson County Washakie County
Laramie County Weston County
Lincoln County  

We ship via USPS Priority Mail to all Wyoming Zip Codes - If you require overnight shipping, or don't see your zip code listed below please call us at 1-855-272-1010.

We cover the entire State of Wyoming with our Medical Alert Monitoring Service - please call 1-855-272-1010 if you don't see your zip code listed below.

82001 82412 82727
82002 82414 82729
82003 82420 82730
82005 82421 82731
82006 82422 82732
82007 82423 82801
82008 82426 82831
82009 82427 82832
82010 82428 82833
82050 82430 82834
82051 82431 82835
82052 82432 82836
82053 82433 82837
82054 82434 82838
82055 82435 82839
82058 82440 82840
82059 82441 82842
82060 82442 82844
82061 82443 82845
82063 82450 82901
82070 82501 82902
82071 82510 82922
82072 82512 82923
82073 82513 82925
82081 82514 82929
82082 82515 82930
82083 82516 82931
82084 82520 82932
82190 82523 82933
82201 82524 82934
82210 82601 82935
82212 82602 82936
82213 82604 82937
82214 82605 82938
82215 82609 82939
82217 82615 82941
82218 82620 82942
82219 82630 82943
82221 82631 82944
82222 82633 82945
82223 82635 83001
82224 82636 83002
82225 82637 83011
82227 82638 83012
82229 82639 83013
82240 82640 83014
82242 82642 83025
82243 82643 83101
82244 82644 83110
82301 82646 83111
82310 82648 83112
82321 82649 83113
82322 82701 83114
82323 82710 83115
82324 82711 83116
82325 82712 83118
82327 82713 83119
82329 82714 83120
82331 82715 83121
82332 82716 83122
82334 82717 83123
82335 82718 83124
82336 82720 83126
82401 82721 83127
82410 82723 83128
82411 82725  

While not an exhaustive list, below are some agencies in Wyoming that can help you get started.

  • Wyoming State Department on Aging:
  • Wyoming State Senior Services Help Line: 800-442-2766 or 307-777-7986
  • Wyoming State Senior Services Email Contact:
  • Wyoming Elder Abuse Hotline: 800-457-3659 or 307-777-3602,/li>
The medical alert button cost is included in the price of your medical alert system - prices range from $27.45 to $45.79 a month for service. Our "HOME" annual plan pricing is just $27.45 a month. If you need an extra medical alert button, they are available for a small cost of $29.95 - $60.00 depending on the system type, click here to see the HOME Medical Alert Button. For around $1 a day, you or your loved one will be protected and able to continue living independently.

You can easily take our "HOME" or "HOME & YARD" systems with you on vacation, or if you are a SnowBird. It is very easy to unplug and re-install. Simply notify Medical Care Alert Customer Service at 877-913-3680 of your current location. Information can be changed anytime and as many times as needed at no charge.

Our "HOME & AWAY" systems can be taken anywhere in the USA. You will be protected anywhere you have coverage with the AT&T or Verizon Cellular Wireless network.

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Wyoming Fun Fact: Devils Tower (near Hulett, WY) was designated as the first National Monument in 1906.

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