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WellBe Smartphone Caregiver App

Medical Alert Monitoring Center

Your SmartWatch PRO and HOME & AWAY MINI GPS device includes our free “WellBe Virtual Assistant” Smartphone app for caregivers and family.

What Does It Do?

  • Check in.       See current watch location, weather, upcoming events and more.
  • Find Misplaced Device.       “Ring” the PRO watch for 30 seconds to help you find it.
  • Set Reminders & Notifications. Send Medication or appointment reminders to the watch.
  • Stay Organized.       Keep health information all in one place.

How To Get Started:

  1. Download the app. The WellBe® Virtual Assistant App is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – scan the QR code with your phone’s camera or QR reader.
  2. Log in using the username and password provided with your system from Medical Care Alert. Do not create a new user.

NOTE: The HOME & AWAY ULTRA  and HOME & AWAY DUO Medical Care Alert systems use a different smartphone app you can see here.


Once you are logged in, you can search the device location, set medication or appointment reminders, keep track of important health information privately on your phone in the app. See reverse side for step-by-step instructions how to use these features.


If you have multiple family members or caregivers you may invite them to join your “Household” and use the app.  

Follow these steps:

  1. Select three-line menu button at the top left corner of the home screen.
  2. Select Settings ->Households and Members
  3. Select Your Primary Household
  4. Select Add User at bottom of the screen.
  5. Select User Type (Care Administrator is most common) and Add User
  6. Enter First and Last Name, Email and Mobile Phone Number of the person you are inviting.


The person you invited will receive an “Invitation Code” email from and should follow the steps. Once the user has created their account, log into the app to approve and confirm:


  1. Go to your Primary Household and select the Invitations tab on the right. Each new user must be approved by you (even though you invited them – this is for security compliance).          
  2. Select User’s Name and
  3. Approve the new user.
  4. Check the boxes for the care profile(s) they can see.
  5. Go to Settings -> My Privacy Settings and grant access to the new user to see your data.

The SmartWatch PRO and HOME & AWAY MINI let you track the approximate location of the watch directly from the app.  


  • Log into the “WellBe Virtual Assistant” app on your smartphone (instructions on other side)
  • Tap on “Settings”, then “Devices” and select the SmartWatch PRO or MINI you want to locate.
  • Tap on “Device Location” and accept the disclaimer.
  • The map will show you the most recent location it has received. Tap “Locate Now” to get an updated approximate location.
    • The device will chime for 30 seconds while reporting its location. The wearer can stop the chiming by tapping on the watch face, or on the side button. This is useful if someone has misplaced their watch!
    • In a few minutes you’ll get an updated approximate location.
    • NOTE: Location in the app uses either GPS or Cellular Tower triangulation and may not show their exact location. The monitoring center has additional tools to locate the user in an actual emergency.

SET medication or appointment reminders

If setting reminders for yourself or only one person, start by tapping on “My Health and then “Medications”.  

  • If you are supporting multiple SmartWatch PRO users (i.e., mom and dad each have their own watch) start by tapping on “Settings” -> “Households & Members” -> Select the Household -> Select the user you want to create a reminder for.

Add A Medication Reminder:

  • Add medication by tapping the (+) icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Search by the name of the medication and select the correct medication by tapping the (+) icon to the right of the medication name. Follow the prompts for dosage, provider, etc.
  • Select the desired reminder time to take the medication. A medication reminder can have its own time or be added to a group (Morning, Midday, etc.). Select whether you want the medication to be added to a medication group or kept as a separate reminder and then tap “Continue.”
  • The SmartWatch PRO will remind the user to take their medication and confirm. NOTE: Reminder notice on watch face remains illuminated for 2 hours if not acknowledged, then resets.

ŒAdd Medication        Choose Medication        Ž Add Reminder      Confirm and Save or Add More


  • To receive notifications, you must be registered as an emergency contact on the account, then download and activate the “WellBe Virtual Assistant” app for your smartphone. Not a registered emergency contact? Ask the subscriber or the account biller to call us to add you.
  • To save battery life, the SmartWatch PRO reports its location every 30 minutes when out of the charging cradle.
  • The PRO is NOT a “real-time” GPS tracker. Notifications are not sent instantaneously, but when the device reports its location. To obtain current approximate device location, tap the “Locate” button on the app.
  • Each request for a location update, or ringing the handset, will reduce the device battery charge. It isOK to do, just don’t overdo it or have multiple family members ping the device repeatedly at the same time.