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GPS Tracking and Fall Detection

Every year, millions of older adults fall in their homes, and many of these falls involve a medical emergency. A GPS tracking and fall detection system supports your safety. Medical Care Alert provides the best GPS tracking and fall detection devices to know when a fall occurs and see your location to ensure you receive any care you may need. We offer around-the-clock services and sleek, convenient products that give older adults the independence to be active with constant emergency response monitoring. 

What Is a GPS Tracking and Fall Detection System?

Many older adults want to live in their own homes and pursue the activities they love. GPS tracking and fall detection devices offer independence and peace of mind for users and their loved ones.

A GPS tracking and fall detection device alerts our emergency response monitoring center when the wearer or user falls. It shares their location, allowing fully trained responders to send help right away if emergency services are needed, and alert family members or other trusted contacts. The GPS and real-time tracking technologies included in medical alert systems and emergency alarms put prompt assistance in older adults hands. 

Do You Need a GPS Tracking and Fall Detection System?

If you are an adult in your 60's or older, you may benefit from a GPS tracking and fall detection system. Should you fall and be unable to get up or press a button, this device tells our emergency response center agents exactly where you are and to send help to your location. If you have a medical condition where you are prone to falling and are unable to press a button, like fainting or seizures, you can also benefit from a GPS tracking and fall detection system. 

How Does It Work?

These technologies are available in multiple forms, including wearables such as pendants and watches. The devices have sensors that can detect a hard fall and initiate a call to the emergency response center.  

At Medical Care Alert, we offer automatic fall detection as an option on all of our systems:

  • The HOME system for peace of mind throughout your house. This system features a lightweight, shower-safe pendant worn around the neck to detect falls in and around your home, with a range of up to 400 feet from the base console.
  • The HOME & AWAY system is a wearable GPS device with 2-way voice that may be worn around the neck with a lanyard, or on your belt with a belt clip.  The HIOME & AWAY system can locate you anywhere in the USA and send help to your location in an emergency.
  • The SmartWatch provides GPS tracking and uniquely features automatic fall detection worn on your wrist.  Similar to the HOME & AWAY system, the SmartWatch can locate you anywhere in the USA. 
  • These wearables contain sensors — when they detect a fall, the emergency response monitoring center agent contacts you through the two-way speakers to confirm whether you've fallen and need help. They can send a message to an emergency contact, or dispatch emergency medical services (EMS) if needed.

When you sign up with us, you complete a personal profile form. It has your name, address, emergency contacts and instructions on how to enter your home. We keep your information in a secure database, and only the monitoring agents can access it in an emergency. Medical Care Alert stands apart by calling and texting emergency contacts for better communication. Our offerings also include free, secure lockboxes, which EMS can use to enter your home if needed.

Choose The Right Fall Detection System For You

HOME & AWAY MINI With AutoFALL Detection


Go anywhere in the USA with built-in fall detection sensors. Speak directly into the pendant if you need help. GPS location services and cellular communication in a small 2 ounce Shower-Safe pendant.

$49.95 / Month

HOME with AutoFALL Pendant

HOME Medical alert system with fall detection medical alert buttons

For folks who want fall detection in and around the home. Pendant has 400 foot range from the base station. No landline? No Problem! Add cellular communication if no landline phone in the home.

$39.95 / Month

SmartWatch PRO With AutoFALL Detection

smart watch PRO for seniors with  GPS Mobile Medical alert system with AutoFALL Fall Detection medical alert button

Our SmartWatch PRO mobile medical alert system features automatic fall detection on the wrist. It's lightweight and shower-safe. Includes pedometer and heart rate monitor.

$49.95 / Month

SmartWatch Features and Performance

The SmartWatch is one of our most popular wearable sensor devices. We specially designed this product to be easy to use for older adults who want a single solution for accessing emergency help, tracking heart rate, meeting step goals and checking the weather.

With the Medical Care Alert SmartWatch, you can press a button for help and speak into the watch to reach monitoring services. This device has an automatic fall detection option and GPS tracker to pinpoint your exact location in an emergency, whether you're at home or in the grocery store. You don't need a cellphone or Wi-Fi connection for the SmartWatch to work, which makes it easy and convenient to use wherever you are. 

When you buy the SmartWatch, you get:

  • A quick charger with a power cord and power block.
  • A free lockbox to hide your key for easy, authorized entry into your home.
  • T-Mobile or AT&T cellular service at no extra cost. 
  • Around-the-clock monitoring by EMT/EMD-certified agents.

The lightweight and comfortable SmartWatch has a 48-hour battery life, and the quick charger will charge your device in less than an hour. To ensure you've found the right product for you, we offer a 14-day risk-free trial at your home. If the SmartWatch's features and performance don't meet your needs, return it to us in like-new condition with two weeks of shipping to receive a full refund. With these features, you can rest assured you will get help whenever needed. 

Why Choose Medical Care Alert?

We appreciate our clients' feedback and make their product reviews and first impressions easy for you to browse. We take pride in offering the best medical monitoring services and superior customer service. You can read unbiased customer reviews on our website to help you decide on the best medical alert systems and emergency alarms for your needs. 

At Medical Care Alert, we offer 24/7 monitoring by EMT/EMD Certified Operators trained in medical dispatching who care about your safety. Unlike other monitoring services, we send free text message notifications in addition to calling your loved ones in an emergency. We look out for you by offering add-ons that add value, like the lockbox that prevents emergency responders from having to break your door to access your home. We take pride in helping you choose the most reliable devices with GPS tracking technologies. 

Medical Care Alert offers comfort, independence and peace of mind, so contact us to learn more.

NOTE: No Fall detector can detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance. HOME & AWAY pendants and SmartWatch watches require daily charging and a strong AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless cellular signal to initiate a call.

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