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10 Sites to Learn About Long Term Care


Finding suitable long-term insurance care and information about that care can be a confusing proposition.

senior-housing-living.jpgNot only are there rules and regulations associated with insurance, but Medicaid covers only so much. These sites have dedicated themselves to making it easier for people to find legal, financial, and other information about long-term care insurance and the effects it can have on a family.


California Health Advocates have a dual purpose of advocacy and policy. Their site contains valuable information regarding Medicare, Long Term Care, and other insurance issues. Their site was developed on a foundation of education and their site is chock-full of helpful material for both doctors and potential beneficiaries. Great resource, even for folks living outside of California.


Care Conversations focuses on providing people with the information that they need to empower people to work through their own care planning process. The three goals of Care Conversations are: Inspire people to get the facts and start a care conversation, help people get the information they need to have conversations about the care they want, and empower people to form their own opinions and select the plan of care that’ right for them.


This is a 'nuts and bolts’ site where you can compare long term care insurance options side by side. It represents several companies, including John Hancock, Pacific Life, Mass Mutual, and Genworth. The site walks users through the process of learning about long term care insurance and provides a glossary to explain any terms which aren’t clear.


This easy-to-read site is provided by the US Government to help those in need of long-term care find the resources that they need. It also provides a lot of information about accessing local long term care resources to better inform any decisions. It’s a great place to begin your education about long-term care.

Elder Law A touts itself as the web’s most trusted long-term care and planning resource. There are hundreds of articles within their database. It’s also great for people who have legal questions about elder care. Elder care attorneys use it as resource for content which they can use on their own websites. .


Life Happens is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Americans take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products, including disability and long-term care insurance. As part of their mission, they have several articles related to the various types of life insurance and how they associate with the stages of life.


If you’ve never been to About Money, you’re in for a treat. This is a crowd-sourced site offering lots of great information about long term care, retirement, money, and more. While there are no specific suggestions or recommendations about long-term care providers, there is a lot of general information that can help people make an informed decision.


LTC Connects is a collaborative effort between the major insurance carriers which offer long term care insurance. All the contributors to this site work in the LTC field. You can get a quotes from multiple vendors, read their blog, or sift through their expansive resource center.

IronShield is a Canadian financial planning company committed to make your financial goals into a reality. They have a large selection of long-term financial planning articles which are suited for everyone, not just Canadians.


This site is devoted to policy papers and sociological scientific studies related to the aging process and long-term care. A quote from the Washington Post reads, “For more than 20 years, Health Affairs has been a must-read for anyone with a serious interest in medicine, health care, and health care policy.”
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