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Fall Detection Devices

One out of four seniors will fall in their own home each year, and less than half of those falls will involve medical attention. In these moments, it's important to have fall detection devices on hand to alert medical teams and ensure you or your loved one are always safe.

At Medical Care Alert, our AutoFALL fall detection devices and medical alert systems can automatically let the emergency response center know if you fall. Our fall detection plan can be added for just $10.00 a month more on any HOME, HOME & AWAY or SmartWatch Medical Alert System plan.

 monitoring center. Checkelderly man with medical care alert Fall Detection with GPS

Do I Need An Automatic Fall Detection Device?


If you are an adult who is 60 or older, you can benefit from a fall detection device. A fall detection system is very helpful if you should fall and can't get up or are also unable to press the button. The medical fall alert pendant will signal the base station for you and call the out what previous clients have said about their experiences with their fall detection devices.

Fall detection is also a great feature for anyone prone to fainting, blackouts or other risk factors and conditions where they may not be able to press the button for themselves. Individuals under 60 are also welcome to use this service.


How Does AutoFALL Fall Detection Work?

Our AutoFALL devices contain fall detection sensors that tracks a rapid change in motion such as and a hard fall on a ground surface. It will then send a fall alert signal to the emergency response monitoring center. 

An operator will reach out and assess the situation. Even if you cannot speak to the fall detection device, the operator will dispatch help.

In addition to the AutoFALL fall alert detection feature, users can press the button anytime for emergency help. Fall detection devices provide an extra level of security — it's a lifeline emergency alert to get you help when you need it.

The fall detection pendant can be worn anywhere around your home or as far as your medical alert system will allow. It is shower-safe, so it can be used in the shower where many falls occur.

Due to the specifics involved with fall detection, no fall detection device can guarantee to pick up on 100% of falls. If you are able, please press the button for added security.


Medical Care Alert's Fall Detection Devices

Medical Care Alert offers several automatic fall detection devices to fit any individual lifestyle and budget. Choose from any of the following:

  • HOME with AutoFALL pendant: Our HOME alert system covers you throughout your house. It comes with a mobile button that can be worn as a pendant for ultimate protection up to 400 feet away from the home base. 
  • HOME & AWAY MINI with AutoFALL detection: Be fully protected anywhere you go with the HOME & AWAY MINI system. The fall detection sensors are already built into your MINI device and are enabled when you select this feature, protecting you at home or anywhere you go in the USA.
  • SmartWatch PRO with AutoFALL detection: At Medical Care Alert, we bundle our alert systems with fall detection into one convenient SmartWatch, with features like fall detection, heart rate monitoring and step tracking. The SmartWatch PRO is the only smart watch with fall detection designed for seniors. Maintain your active lifestyle without fear of falling with this fall detection device.

Choose The Right Fall Detection System For You

HOME & AWAY MINI With AutoFALL Detection


Go anywhere in the USA with built-in fall detection sensors. Speak directly into the pendant if you need help. GPS location services and cellular communication in a small 2 ounce Shower-Safe pendant.

$49.95 / Month

HOME with AutoFALL Pendant

HOME Medical alert system with fall detection medical alert buttons

For folks who want fall detection in and around the home. Pendant has 400 foot range from the base station. No landline? No Problem! Add cellular communication if no landline phone in the home.

$39.95 / Month

SmartWatch PRO With AutoFALL Detection

smart watch PRO for seniors with  GPS Mobile Medical alert system with AutoFALL Fall Detection medical alert button

Our SmartWatch PRO mobile medical alert system features automatic fall detection on the wrist. It's lightweight and shower-safe. Includes pedometer and heart rate monitor.

$49.95 / Month

How Do I Choose the Right Fall Detection Device?

When choosing fall detection devices for seniors, it's important to consider a few factors to ensure they meet the specific needs of the individual. Here are some guidelines to help with the selection process between different fall detection options.

1. Understand the Types of Fall Detection Devices

Fall detection devices generally fall into two broad categories — personal wearable fall detection monitors worn around the neck and those worn on the wrist. Personal wearable devices, such as fall detection necklaces, wristbands, pendants or clips, are designed to detect shifts in a person's body position. The SmartWatch PRO from Medical Care Alert is one of the only fall detection devices that may be worn on the wrist.

2. Assess the Individual's Mobility and Lifestyle

Consider the mobility level and daily activities of the senior. Personal wearable medical alert devices with fall detection and GPS are suitable for active seniors who move around independently inside and outside the home. The HOME & AWAY MINI or the SmartWatch PRO from Medical Care Alert are great options for mobile systems with fall detection technology capabilities. An in-home medical alert system with fall detection may be more appropriate for seniors with limited mobility who spend a significant amount of time in a confined area, such as a bedroom or living room.

3. Evaluate the Accuracy and Reliability

Look for fall detection devices that offer high accuracy and reliability in detecting falls. Read customer reviews, consult with healthcare professionals or caregivers and compare different fall detection devices to find the one that provides consistent and accurate fall detection. Remember, no fall detection device will detect 100% of fallsso the wearer should always press their help button if they are able to.

4. Consider Additional Features

Some fall detection devices come with additional features like GPS tracking, two-way communication and automatic alerts to caregivers or emergency services. These features can enhance the safety and overall functionality of the device, depending on the specific needs of the senior. The HOME & AWAY MINI or the SmartWatch PRO from Medical Care Alert are good choices to consider.

5. Test and Trial Period

If possible, opt for fall detection devices that offer a trial period or money-back guarantee. This allows the senior to test the fall detection device and determine its effectiveness in detecting falls and adapting to their lifestyle. And you should NEVER agree to a long-term contract.

Remember, it's always recommended to consult with healthcare professionals, including doctors, physical therapists or geriatric care managers, who can provide personalized recommendations for a fall detection device based on the senior's specific needs and medical conditions.

When going through fall detection device comparison, consider factors such as battery life, subscription fees, monitoring fees, customer service quality, and payment options. When questions arise during the selection process about fall detection systems, reference our fall detection FAQs.

Contact Medical Care Alert About Our Fall Detection Systems

Medical Care Alert designs fall detection systems with your convenience and safety in mind — after all, “Care” is our middle name. 

If you are interested in learning more about which device is best for you, contact us today! We service the entire United States.

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