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Ohio Medical Alert System Reviews

Ohio Residents Review Medical Care Alert


See how our real Ohio customers feel about their medical alert system from Medical Care Alert. We've gathered reviews from our Buckeye-state customers in Ohio on this page so you to learn more about our medical care alert system stands out. We're proud of our A+ Rating with the BBB, our Award-Winning Customer Service team, and our clients who live just next door to us in Ohio (even when the Michigan - Ohio State game is on...we still love you!).


Posted by Dennis G., of Wilmington, Ohio

"It works good. Every time she's pushed the button, the ambulance has arrived. They're right there as soon as she pushes the button, someone is right there talking to her on the machine, even though she can't hear it. But the ambulance is always there if she pushes the button. They're very punctual. It's the emergency people who are coming from her city and they're always there because it was her medical alert that alerted them that they need to get out there. She has to push it once a month and they always let her know that she's doing ok. I'd use them again. It works"

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Posted by Janice B., of Cincinnati, Ohio

"We've had them for years. They're very good. It's peace of mind for us. Their prices are competitive. I researched more than one company. The salesperson was just wonderful. They've never had any issues with it working."

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Posted by Kathy C. of Canfield, Ohio

"My mother uses the system. They are fine. The first machine wasn't working and they replaced it. I have a piece of mind that they are there for my mother. We have had the product for 3 years and haven't had to use it. They are very professional."

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Posted by Georgia R., of Westerville, Ohio

"I set up this service in my mother's home in 2012 and just ended the agreement a couple of weeks ago. The unit was easy to set-up. The monitoring staff did an excellent job. Several times mother would accidently press the help button on her monitor and the monitoring staff reached out to her immediately. She often remarked that the people were friendly and answered all of her questions."

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Posted by Susan M., of Toledo, Ohio

"They have good customer service and their equipment works well. They respond very promptly if there are any questions. They have a customer support line that I call. The instructions for setting up the device was also very easy to understand."

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Posted by Jeff G., of Bexley, Ohio

"My mom uses them. It's a two way communication device that she wears around her neck. It has been great. It was easy to set up. The price is right. They have been helpful. We test it monthly. I like that it gives me a piece of mind."

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Posted by Anne G., of Mentor, Ohio

"We ordered a medical alert system for my father. Excellent customer service, price and performance. The alarm arrived within two days, and was very easy to set up. I chose this company because they had an home & yard model with a very long range. Long range means that you don't have to be close to the base unit to communicate. Verbal communication goes directly through the pendant. My father lives in a large ranch, where there are long distances from one end of the house to the other, and a mailbox at the end of the driveway. You don't need the yard feature ONLY for going outside - it's good if you have a large house where you may be too far away from the base unit for a standard model to work. I tested the alarm at all points of the house and mailbox area, including in the shower, and had absolutely no trouble contacting the alarm company. Also, they had a lock box where you can set your own combination code, so emergency responders can still get in the house if no one can open the door. There is also a battery backup on the base unit, so it continues to work during a power failure, and the company does automatic battery checks every week and the unit will notify you that the battery is ok. Excellent company and excellent product. "

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