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Texas Medical Alert System Reviews

Texas Medical Care Alert Clients Share Their Stories

Read what real Texas customers say about their medical alert system from Medical Care Alert.

We've gathered reviews from our customers who live in Texas on this page to make it easy for you to learn more about our medical care alert system.

We're proud of our A+ Rating with the BBB, our Award-Winning Customer Service team, and our clients who live in the great state of Texas.



Posted by Anna R. of Lewisville, Texas

"It worked out extremely well. I was very pleased with it. I have not needed it before, but the system worked exactly the way they said it would. I have the little medical alert on my neck at the moment."

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Posted by Susan M. of San Antonio, Texas

"I had this company send out a monitoring unit and emergency alert bracelet and necklace to give my mother a secure feeling when she was at home by herself. They also sent a combination lock box that attaches to her door handle to put a house key in it. When dispatched, the first responders are given the combination to retrieve the key. This works just perfectly as she fell and could not get up while my dad was on an errand. The first responders were able to get the key, enter the house and provide assistance to my mother. Another time, she fell and busted her head open in the middle of the night. My dad could not hear her so she pushed her button and the first responders arrived in less than 5 minutes. My mother tests her unit every month and she has had to use it 3 times in the past 2 years. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. There are cheaper products out there but I have had such good service with this group of people that I intend to keep them. The system has battery back up in case of power outage and my mother can use the button for any emergency whether it be a fire/smoke, intruder, falling or any medical emergency that she feels that she needs help."

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Posted by Terrie S., of Fort Worth, Texas

"This was ordered for my mother. The arrival process very timely, the connection process wasn’t difficult. I did ask if the volume down on the test try. But that is not able to occur according to the rep they are preset at that level. Other wise we are satisfied with set up and cost."

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Posted by Pam M., of Cedar Park, Texas

"Ordered for my mom when dad was placed into care. I ordered from Angie's list and was contacted quickly. The person taking the order called me 2times for clarification of information. I was pleased with the attention to detail. We received our box within a week and the instructions were in fairly large print and easy to follow. All we've done so far is test the system and that went well. My mom is a tiny little thing and the pieces are all in grey plastic and lit is large on her. "

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Posted by Dr. M., of Dallas, Texas

"It is as good as you said it was. I have not had to test it to the fullest yet. I pray I never do. Yet, I am confident it will meet the test."

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Posted by Norvell W., of Longview Texas

"They delivered equipment and instructions how to use, then provided help by telephone when I needed it. They also furnished upgraded equipment on their own volition. They have never failed to respond properly to an alarm check"

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Posted by Cynthia E., of Katy, Texas

"Medical alert provider for my Mom. Excellent customer service. No pushy sales person. Equipment arrived was easy to install and test."

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Posted by John C., of Granbury, Texas

"I used them for my father and my brother who was terminally ill. It was one of those buttons that they wear so if they fall or have a problem they can press the button. That worked out fine for both of them."

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Posted by Rick G. of Houston, Texas

"We purchased a plan from Medical Care Alert for my mother. They sent out a device which looked like a box that hooked up to her phone line. The only place my mother could possibly hook up the box was to her phone line in the den, as there were no other options. I called to test the system for my mother every 2-3 weeks, and I was always able to reach someone who was very nice, and could hear clearly."

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Posted by Jane F., of Kingwood, Texas

"My wife and I have been using their services since January. My wife wears the necklace and I wear the watch. It is monitored 24/7 and I can press a button and it acts like a walkie talkie. If I can't talk, then they send the paramedics or a neighbor. We have a lock box on the front door so if someone needs to get in, they can get the key without having to break any doors down. The buttons are waterproof so I can take it in the shower with me. I'm never without it, and it works anywhere in the yard and has a rechargeable battery. Everything they say about the product is true. I test it once a month to check the dial tone, which they encourage you to do. You can also press the real button and talk to someone in their service center anytime. Thankfully, I haven't had to use it for an emergency yet, but in the beginning we had a lot of questions and they were very knowledgeable about their product. As long as you have enough energy to press that button, you're in good shape. They are great. I would give them a "double "A"" in communication if I could."

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Posted by Susan M., of San Antonio, Texas

"It is excellent and we have been using it a little over the year; emergency medical alert systems. It is excellent and we have been using it a little over the year. My mother fell and she did not want it, after she fell the second time, I did some research and they seem to provide the best service. She had to use it twice since. When she pushes the button, the medics arrived promptly and then the Medical Alert Company calls me and let me know what was going on and what they have done. They take care of everything and it is beautiful. My mother even encouraged other friends to sign up as well. I encourage anyone to get this and you cannot put a price on that."

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