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How to Choose a Home Chair Lift

A Home Chair Stair Lift Can Make Life Easier For Seniors

Home Chair Lift

The prospect of climbing stairs can sometimes put a damper on your independence. It’s natural to find that mobility and flexibility are reduced as you grow older, but that should not stand in the way of getting to the second floor of your home. Your home stair lift, along with your emergency alert system, will help you in times of need.


What is a home stair lift?

A home stair lift is a chair that allows you to sit down while you are being lifted to the top of the stairs. Elevator and specialty lift companies install these in the homes of those who are unable to navigate stairs on their own.


Who Should Get a Home Stair Lift?

A stair lift is a good option for anyone unable to climb the stairs, or is at risk of falling. A home stair lift can be an important component in
preventing falls at home among the elderly.

What types of home stair lifts are there?

The type of lift that you get installed in your home depends on the type of stairs that you have.
The simpler version of a stair lift is the straight lift. This chair lift goes from the bottom to the top of the stairs without any curves, turns, or landings. It is usually installed within a day or two.
The more involved stair lift is the curved stair lift. This home chair lift is installed on stairwells that have bends, landings, and other features. The time that it takes to install depends on your stairwell’s level of intricacy.


Should I purchase or get a rental?

Renting a chair lift system is an excellent option for those who are facing temporary mobility issues. It is also appropriate for those who wish to try out the system. As getting a home stair lift is an investment, it is sometimes wise to try before you buy.
Chair lifts range in price, depending on your requirements and situation. They can range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the design of the stair set and the quality of the product.
The cost a chair lift, much like the cost of medical alert devices, will vary among providers as will the quality of service.

Will insurance pay for a home stair lift?

Medicare classifies a stair chair lift as being a home improvement, and therefore not covered under its umbrella.
Medicaid will help to subsidize some of the costs, but only with specific vendors. The best avenue if you have Medicaid is to check and see.
Many private insurance companies will cover a portion of the costs of getting a home stair lift installed in the home. The request to the insurance company should be presented along with written justification from a medical professional.
For the elderly, there are programs in place which can assist with the costs of installing a stair chair lift. Before you start talking with vendors, find out how much your insurance company is willing to pay. They might be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to specific vendors in your area.


Who will install my stair chair lift?

That’s up to you, of course. Our suggestions are that you find someone who has been installing lifts for several years, offers a free in-home estimate, and makes you feel comfortable with the entire process. You will find the names of many stair lift vendors by typing 'stair chair lift’ and your city name into the search engine of your choice ("stair chair lift Denver", for example).
Choosing the right stair chair lift is just as important as choosing the right medical alert devices. Take a few minutes to really think about what you want to see in your lift, and you’ll be able to make a great decision.