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Michigan's Auto No-Fault Insurance Does Cover PERS

(Personal Emergency Response Systems)

Michigan Auto No-Fault covers PERS Medical Alert SystemsIn the state of Michigan, we are fortunate to have comprehensive Auto No-Fault Insurance benefits to help victims of auto accidents to recover.

A medical alert system (also called a Personal Emergency Response System or PERS) benefits the patient and the family caregivers, knowing that the patient can get help 24/7 at the press of a button. A PERS can also reduce hospital re-admission's by getting help fast.

PERS systems are easy to use and can be self-installed by the family...just plug into power and turn it on.

To obtain a PERS system from Medical Care Alert, just send the intake form along with PCP authorization and auto no-fault insurance policy and claim number...we'll do the rest, including direct billing to your insurance company.

Your patient will be protected 24/7 and able to get help at the touch of a button:

How It Works

  • EMT/EMD Certified Operators answer all button presses for help
  • We'll call family, neighbors, or EMS as needed. Not all calls require an ambulance.
  • We notify the emergency contact list with texts and calls upon dispatching.
  • Optional Automatic Fall Detection can initiate the call when a fall is detected
  • Free Lockbox to hide a key so EMS does not have to force entry and break down a door

For Case Management Companies:

Direct Billing to Insurance For Auto No Fault ClaimsWe will direct bill your client's auto no-fault insurance company. We make it quick and easy for you!

We love to partner with case managers, social workers, and case management companies. We'll keep you informed every step of the way and treat your referrals with the utmost urgency, privacy and respect.

Call us with questions at 877-913-3680 or send an email to . Use the intake form to send us your patient's information, along with PCP authorization and auto no-fault insurance policy and claim number.

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