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Benefits of Gardening for Senior Citizens

One of the greatest ways for seniors to prevent falls is to stay active around the home and the yard. Gardening is an easy and enjoyable way to start.

Keeping physical fitness up is crucial with age, and one great way to stay active outside is gardening. Gardening not only keeps the blood pumping, but you can eat the fruits of your labor. People of any age or level of mobility can start a garden given the right setup. Here are some more of the benefits that you might reap by starting a garden.

Check out our infographic below and get your gardening gloves on today!

infographic gardening for senior citizens

Infographic courtesy of Garden Benches
elderly man gardening
From starting a garden to getting it weeded every day, a garden needs constant tending to make the most of it. All that motion adds up to exercise, whether it’s repeatedly bending over in a wheelchair, crouching down to dig up a weed, or building raised beds. You’ll get a healthier body and a sharper mind. However, safety first! Make sure to wear your medical alert bracelet in case of an accident.
There’s something about a home-grown tomato that brings a smile to my face. They just taste better for some reason. Maybe it’s knowing exactly where it came from. You or your loved one might find that same smile while they’re playing in the dirt. Making the decision to start a garden might be just as good as the one you or your loved one made to wear a medical bracelet in terms of building independence.
Saving Money
When you’re growing your own produce, you don’t have to go to the store to pick up a tomato, a cucumber, or a pepper for dinner. Start by picking your favorite foods and see if your area can grow them. In a few short months, you’ll have just what you needed.
Improved Diet
elderly woman gardening
How many of us could benefit from a better diet? Fresh is always better, and leafy greens are much better than prepackaged food any day. Having fresh food on the table means fewer trips to the grocery store, more nutritional value in your diet, and less usage of your medical bracelet.
Better Mood
Getting out in the sun and working in the garden helps brighten one’s day. There is a sense of pride combined with a sense of accomplishment – a feeling which cannot be matched. Having a part of something beautiful like growing things can bring a smile to one’s face.
Gardening is an amazing way to get you or your loved ones out and about. The medical bracelet will be well within its range so help can be called at a moment’s notice. Bending down, rolling one’s hips, moving arms, and more all promote good health. A little sweat never hurt anyone.


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