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medical alert systems near meMedical Care Alert Systems Near You

Start by clicking on your state below - find Medical Care Alert service in your area. 

Medical Care Alert provides service in all 50 states with our three US-based monitoring centers. 

We'll always dispatch your local EMS, Police or Fire departments as needed in an emergency. 

We can also call family and friends if you need help, but don't require an ambulance.  

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Medical Alert Systems With Nationwide Coverage In All 50 States!


We protect thousands of clients in all 50 states with our medical alert service. Your local EMS, Police or Fire department is notified in the event of an emergency. And with our mobile GPS Medical Alert Systems, we'll dispatch the closest emergency responders to your actual location based on the GPS coordinates of your device. Get the peace of mind and independence you need, knowing help is just a button press away.

Looking for a Medical Alert System in your area?

Medical Care Alert provides service in all 50 states.  When you press the medical alert button, it sends a signal to one of our US-based emergency response centers.  You'll be connected with an EMT/EMD Certified agent who is trained in medical dispatching.  If we dispatch help, we call directly to your local police/fire/EMS to send help to your location.

Will the Medical Alert System work if I don't have a phone, or Wi-Fi?

Yes!  Our HOME and HOME & AWAY and SmartWatch Medical Alert Systems come with their own cellular card connections built in - they don't need your personal cell phone or Wi-Fi to call our emergency response center.  

We offer both AT&T and Verizon cellular-network systems, so let us know if one is better for your area.  You don't need to have an account with AT&T or Verizon, we take care of all the cellular charges.

Does a local installer come to set up the medical alert system?

No installer necessary - all of our systems can be self installed in just a few minutes.   Just plug it in and turn it on!  The system comes with detailed easy to follow instructions, and we have installation videos on our website.  And our Customer Service team is happy to help you set up your medical alert system if you have any questions, just call us at 877-913-3680.  

How Does the Medical Alert System get to me?

We ship your medical alert system on the same or next business day when you place your order.  We ship USPS Priority Mail which usually arrives in 2-3 days, shipping from our offices in Michigan.  UPS and FedEx shipping and overnight shipping is also available.

We also send email shipping notifications when your package is out for delivery, and when the package has been delivered.  You can also opt in for text notifications to track your shipment.

Can you ship the medical alert system to a different address?

Yes - we can ship the medical alert system to a different address from the home address of the person we're monitoring.  This can be helpful if a family member is going to help the subscriber set up the system for them.  

It's very common for us to have different addresses on file for the subscriber, the billing party, and a shipping address.  Call our Customer Service team at 877-913-3680 if you have questions or need help.

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