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At 79, She's More Than Just The "Bird Lady"

If you're looking for inspiration on how to make a difference, look no further than Nancy Forrester.

Nancy Forrester and Blue

Residing in downtown Key West, Florida Nancy Forrester is an artist, teacher, environmental activist, and plant & animal lover. She's been rescuing, rehoming orphaned parrots for over 30 years.?

As the founder and owner of Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden, she runs a small sanctuary in Key West for unwanted parrots dedicated to the best care in rescue, rehoming and caregiving.

Take the short walk from Key West's Duval Street to Nancy Forrester?s house, and you're transformed from the touristy strip to a residential part of town. The scenery changes from shop-window displays of neon muscle shirts to chickens strutting along the sidewalks in front of small, well-loved homes. If you blink, you'll miss it. But once inside, the world is transformed.

Hats off to Nancy - an inspiration for us all!