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Senior Living Facilities

Medical Alert Monitoring Center

Give Your Residents Peace Of Mind With Medical Care Alert

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Residents with a Medical Care Alert system feel more secure, with greater peace of mind for themselves and family members. Senior Living Facility staff are notified when a resident presses their button.

Benefits Of Having Medical Care Alert Systems At Your Senior Living Facility:

  • Enhanced Safety For Residents – Help at the touch of a button when they need it.
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  • Reduce Stress On Facility Staff – staff can focus on residents needs, knowing they will be notified if someone needs help.
  • Easy Set Up, 100% Cellular – No re-wiring or disruptive installation. Plug & Play set-up with cellular communication.
  • Added Value For Residents And Families – Makes your facility stand out above the rest
  • Better Than Pull Cords - Wearable buttons are there when they need them, not stuck in a corner or bathroom
  • Staff Alerted By Phone & SMS Text Messages - We'll tell your staff WHO needs help, WHERE they are, and WHAT they need. Exclusive to Medical Care Alert.
  • Mobile App Device Management - Facility staff can see all users status at-a-glance with our mobile app.
  • Spanish Speaking Operators Available - Every Shift
  • Available 24/7, 365 Days A Year

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Medical Alert Buttons for your senior living facility

Medical Alert Monitoring Center

We partner with many senior living facilities nationwide and residents who need more than a standard pull-cord or nurse-call system.

Even if your senior living community has pull-cords or emergency buttons in bedrooms and bathrooms, they’re not often within reach of where someone may fall. Even if you can reach the cord, the signal generally goes to a back office or turns on a light. A wearable medical alert button is always with you, notifying our Emergency Response Center who can then summon help from the facility, family, or EMS. 

Looking to replace your existing pull cord nurse call system?  We can help with that too - see our wireless pull cord replacement system for senior living facilities here.  We offer several Multitenant Safety System solutions for facilities of all sizes.

Medical Care Alert + Senior Living Staff = Winning Combination

Medical Care Alert monitoring app

When you press the button, you’ll speak with our EMT/EMD-Certified Operators in our Emergency Response Center. We know WHO and WHERE you are. We then notify staff at the Senior Living Center via text message and phone call, alerting them to the situation. We’ll also notify your emergency contacts (friends, family, caregivers) letting them know what’s happening. In a real emergency, we’ll also dispatch EMS to your location.

Moving to Assisted Living? Bring Your Medical Care Alert System with you!

Our HOME and HOME & AWAY Medical Alert Systems have cellular communications built in, so you can bring your system with you to the assisted living facility. You don’t have to have a cell phone – it’s built right into your system! Just give us the facility address and on-site emergency contacts to notify in an emergency.

And unlike other medical alert companies who outsource to overseas contact centers, we are proudly based in the USA. And upon request we will stay on the line until help arrives.

What Happens When You Press The Medical Alert Button?

When the resident presses their button, they are connected to of one of our US-based, EMT/EMD-certified Life Safety Operators. We know WHO and WHERE they are, even if they are off-property (with our HOME & AWAY GPS sytle system).

Here’s what happens next:

  • Resident's Personal Profile appears on a computer screen before a live, EMT/EMD-certified Life Safety Operator.
  • The Operator will ask if you if you need help.
  • The Operator will take appropriate actions depending on what the resident tell us is going on.
  • If we cant hear you, or you are unable to talk, we immediately notify facility staff by calling and sending text messages.
  • We stay on the line until help arrives

Your contact and personal information is kept strictly private and collected on your Personal Profile prior to activation. The Monitoring center Operators have this information at the time your call is received. And our Operators stay on the line until help arrives, monitoring the situation, letting you know you are not alone.

Read actual operator transcripts from real medical emergencies here

Who Answers The Call? Learn About Our EMT/EMD-Certified Medical Alert Monitoring Operators

Home and Yard Medical Alert 2-Way Voice Pendant

Our LifeSafety Operators specialize in Medical Alert monitoring and interacting with seniors. All Operators have a minimum two-year college education or military service, are EMT/EMD-certified, and only monitor medical alert calls. We conduct extensive background checks and screenings, looking for Operators who truly care about the people they serve. medical care alert award

Our US-based LifeSafety Operators are trained to handle any situation:

  • Emergency Medical Training (EMT) and/or Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified
  • Security Industry Association (SIA) certified
  • Experienced in two-way medical alert monitoring
  • Specially-trained to quickly take measure of unfolding situations
  • On-duty Spanish-speaking operators
  • Support for the deaf and hearing-impaired is available

Our Operators are professional, yet personable to respond with grace, sensitivity and patience to our customers who may be experiencing conditions symptomatic of advancing age or emotional trauma.

Our intensive six-week training program, certified by the Security Industry Association (SIA), is the most stringent in the industry. It begins with two weeks of formal classroom training, two weeks of Operations training under the supervision of CCS/Trainers, and two weeks of hands-on training monitored by Supervisory staff. We take the training seriously since we know how important it is to be able to talk to professionals in case of an emergency.

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