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Video: Smart Watch For Seniors With Fall Detection

Video: Smart Watch For Seniors With Fall Detection

Medical Care Alert on Jul 18th 2023

Smart Watch For Seniors with Fall Detection and GPS

Click the video player below to see our new  SmartWatch PRO in action!

New SmartWatch PRO designed for seniors to get emergency help, stay in touch with family

Smart Watch For Seniors with Fall Detection

Seniors have a new way to stay safe with the new SmartWatch PRO from Medical Care Alert. This smart watch is designed for seniors to get emergency help when needed, and stay connected with family and friends.

Unlike standard smart watches, the SmartWatch PRO is designed with seniors in mind and offers automatic fall detection as an optional feature.

“The SmartWatch PRO is easy for seniors to use because it has a large clear display, and doesn’t require a cellphone or Wi-Fi,” said Bryan Stapp, President of Medical Care Alert. “The watch also features automatic fall detection on the wrist, a feature normally worn around the neck,” Stapp added.

The SmartWatch PRO is equipped with features to help seniors stay safe and healthy. The watch is easy to use and includes:

  • Clear display shows the date and time (digital or analog watch face)
  • Press the crown button for 24/7 emergency help
  • Pedometer to track steps
  • Heart Rate monitor
  • “Virtual Assistant” can answer questions like “will it rain tomorrow?” or “who won the World Series in 1984?”.
  • Automatic fall detection (optional feature) can initiate a call to the emergency response center.

A companion smart phone app allows family members or caregivers to track the watch’s location, send scheduled medication reminders to the watch, and keep track of important health information.


  • Shower–safe to get wet. Highly water-resistant IPX8 rated.
  • GPS Location Services.
  • T-Mobile cellular service built in, no additional charge or account required.
  • 48-hour battery life and Quick Charger (1-hour quick charge to 100%).
  • Comfortable watch strap with quick-release pins to customize the watch strap if desired.
  • 24/7 monitoring by EMT/EMD certified agents in our US-based emergency response centers.

The watch includes GPS location services that can be used to locate the wearer in case of an emergency. This feature can be used to send an alert to family members or emergency services if the wearer is in danger or needs help.


fall detection alert smart watch

The SmartWatch PRO offers automatic fall detection as an optional feature.

This innovative feature allows the wearer to have automatic fall detection worn on their wrist, whereas most fall detection buttons are typically worn around the neck as a pendant.

“Some smart watches offer fall detection but are designed for runners and joggers, and only call 911 or a friend,” said Stapp. “Our fall detection is designed for seniors and notifies our emergency response center agents with the wearer’s location and situation.”

If a hard fall is detected, the SmartWatch PRO will sound an alarm and display “FALL DETECTED” on the watch display. The wearer will have up to 30 seconds to cancel the alarm if triggered accidentally. Otherwise, the watch will contact the emergency response center flagging the call as “FALL DETECTED” making the operator aware of the situation.

The wearer is encouraged to always press their button for help in the event of an emergency as fall detection is never 100% accurate.


The SmartWatch PRO is available exclusively for order on Medical Care Alert’s website at or calling 855-272-1010.

The cost includes a one-time purchase of the watch, and a monthly subscription plan for service:

  • $149.95 SmartWatch PRO one-time purchase
  • $39.95 / month subscription for service and cellular
  • $10.00 / month add-on for automatic fall detection

SmartWatch PRO is available now and ships on the same or next business day when ordered.