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What to Do In Case of a Fall

Regardless of the precautions that we take, falls can still happen. If you can get up under your own power, great. However, not all of us can do that, especially as we grow older. Unless someone has undergone surgery or something has dramatically changed, people do not become fall-prone overnight. It is a continuum. The weak become weaker over time.

The top priority after a fall is to assess the situation. Is there a need for medical personnel? Are you able to walk and talk on your own? Did you suffer a concussion, or are you hurt in any way?

A medical alert system can help in the event of a fall or other emergency. When you press the button, you are immediately put in touch with EMT certified professionals who can assess the situation and dispatch emergency personnel if needed.

After you have fallen, there is a window of opportunity to quickly recover from the situation. If medical personnel arrive within an hour of the fall, they can help to reduce the long-term effects of the fall or other emergency. If you are left alone, problems can be worsened.

A medical alert system makes the best choice to have in place BEFORE the fall. Nothing can take the place of preparedness.

New technology including automatic fall detection and GPS Location Services can also help to summon assistance in the event of a fall. While no automatic fall detection pendant can detect every fall with 100% accuracy, it can be a helpful additional layer of prevention and security.

When you have fallen, who do you call? Our medical alert systems help thousands of people across America achieve the peace of mind that they deserve. Learn more by calling us at 1-855-661-3384.

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