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10 Fun Fall Activities

It's that time of year again! Leaves are changing color, the cool air is starting to blow in and football season is in full swing.

So what are you doing in the house? Here are some fun fall activities for seniors to stay active this season.

1. Take a trip to the orchard
Why not pick your own apples? There's plenty of orchards across the country that allow you to pick your own fruit and vegetables. And right now is a perfect time to pick up some apples and pumpkins!
Find an orchard near you at

2. Go for a walk
There's no better time to be outside and enjoy the crisp air than in Fall. Slip on your shoes and step outside. Check out local trails or walk around your neighborhood. There's always new things to explore!

3. Try some new recipes
Who doesn't love homemade treats? Here are some that you can make for the family:

Pumpkin Pie Roll
Pumpkin roll anyone?

Pumpkin Roll

Savory Baked Apples

Apple Butter

Sweet Potato Casserole

And since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, take a look at these fantastic side dish recipes that will make your mouth water!

4. Have a tailgate with neighbors
Who said you have to be a football fan to enjoy some time with friends? Offer to host a tailgate with your neighbors. Everyone can bring their favorite dish and you can enjoy the conversation while the game is on.

5. Enjoy a local festival
Fall is a big time of year for local festivals. A lot of towns have weekend festivals and arts and craft shows. This is a great way to see what local businesses have to offer and enjoy the nice weather. Here's a great way to find some festivals near you:

6. Grab some cider
Everyone knows that Fall is time to visit the cider mill. While everyone in your town might flock to the big cider mill, try seeking out a smaller one. These usually have shorter lines and the cider is just as good.

7. Visit a local park

park bench in the fall
Fall in the park is perfect

Leaves only change color once per year so enjoy the scenery! Find a hiking trail nearby and enjoy nature. Remember those nature trails or go to a lake playgrounds we talked about? You could get some exercise in while enjoying the view!

8. Catch a movie
A lot of big blockbuster hits are coming out this Fall. It's a great time to catch a movie on a chillier day. Or you can take advantage of a warmer night and go to a drive-in theater (yes there are still some around!).

9. Try an outdoor yoga class
Ok before you completely dismiss this one and think I am crazy for suggesting yoga, hear me out. They actually have beginners yoga and senior yoga classes in a lot of community parks. These classes have modified poses that are perfect for improving your balance.

10. Birdwatching in your own yard
Are you an animal lover? Take your binoculars to the park or even in your backyard to keep an eye out for birds this time of year. See how many you can spot and if you can identify them. If you want to attract some birds to your yard, you can even set up a small bird feeder.

Are you or a loved one active, but want to make sure you are safe or have a plan in the event of a fall? No problem! Our HOME & AWAY ULTRA  Medical alert system with GPS allows you to go anywhere and still be protected 24/7. We want to help you stay active!

Make sure you download our free fall prevention guide to stay safe while enjoying these outdoor activities!

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