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5 Strategies to Minimize Arthritis in the Elderly

As we grow older, our bodies and minds begin to run down. Arthritic hands on a keyboard can cause discomfort.

We’re more susceptible to cognitive dysfunctions, and we also face the prospects of physical maladies. If we are to look at the statistics, there are over 350 million people in the world with arthritis, with nearly 40 million of those living in the US.
Arthritis is a serious condition that affects multiple systems in the body. Think of the term arthritis as a tree which has over 100 branches, each of them affecting different parts or systems of the body. Some of the more common forms of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and gout.
Arthritis tends to be more common with those who are obese than those who are normal or underweight. There are ways, however, to minimize the symptoms of arthritis.
Practice a Healthy Diet
If you happen to have a diet that encourages weight gain, there are more appropriate ways of eating. Diets with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins are usually much better than high-calorie fried foods, sweetened colas and sodas, and sugary sweets.
Move Around More
One of the best ways to confront arthritis, according to the CDC, is to look at it head on. Walk around, bicycle around the block, take a few laps around the pool, or simply stay active. With activity, you are taking the initiative to help out your arthritis and minimize the pain.
Look For Outside Solutions
While an elderly parent might not trust doctors, doctors are still the source for the best information in how to fight arthritis. They can help out with a treatment plan and a movement plan that will help out in the long term.
Get Surgery

In the most painful cases of arthritis, surgery can be used to alleviate the pain. Your elderly loved one’s doctor might have other therapeutic alternatives to cope with the arthritis Speak with them first.
There are many ways to counteract arthritis, and many websites out there which offer coping tips and assistance in understanding the severe nature of this condition. One of the places where you can start is at the CDC. They have in-depth resources which may be of assistance in coping with the arthritis.
One of the biggest issues with having arthritis in the legs or the knees is the increased propensity for falling. Stepping up and down stairs, onto curbs, and more can present an incredibly painful experience – one which might need the use of a medical alert device.
With that fear of falling and the fear of pain, your elderly loved one might find themselves inside the house a little bit more, staying out of the way and simply not being social. This provides a huge reason to get a personal emergency response system, as it can summon help in an instant.
The fight against arthritis, however, does not have to be a losing fight. There are several stories about people who conquered their arthritis by walking around. The body has an amazing way of healing itself.


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