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Senior Citizens Day is Nearing

Senior Citizen?s Day is coming up on August 21st; are you ready??

This day was set aside in 1988 by Ronald Reagan in recognition of the great works and achievements that senior citizens have done for our nation. We?ve collected some fun activities that you can do on your own or with your favorite senior citizen.

Before you get started, take a few moments to test out your (or your favorite senior?s) medical alert system by pressing the button on your medical alert necklace. When the operator comes on, tell them that you?re just preparing for all of the activities you?re planning to do on Senior Citizen?s Day:

  • Go to your favorite restaurant for breakfastA good, well-balanced breakfast provides the fuel and foundation for an incredible day out of the house. There?s always a good local place that you can go to. You can hide your medical alert necklace under your shirt if you don?t want people to know you have the button.
  • Wander around the nature trailsLooking around at nature is a fantastic way to relax. While some might believe that all trails are a sure-fire medical alert button push, there are trails in every state which are specially made for those who aren?t able to negotiate hard inclines. Look for paved trails.
  • Get a couple of friends together and play Wii Bowling or TennisBe social and gather your friends together to play a doubles game of tennis or bowl in your living room. Make sure that you?ve got the area clear of tables and chairs so you don?t have to use your medical alert necklace.
  • Time for the beauty salon! (or barber shop) We love looking good and what better way to make it happen than to go to the beauty salon and get spruced up for a great night on the town (or just because). You have the security of having the medical alert necklace and the confidence that comes from a hair appointment ? you?re ready to take on the world!

  • Play a bit of BridgeThere?s nothing that can replace the memories of watching grandparents gathered around the table engaged in a card game. So much can be learned about life and the ways of the world when you get the chance to listen in. You now have the opportunity to be the teacher.

Senior Citizens Day is all about celebrating the older people in our lives. The activities mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg ? there is so much more that can be done that?s not sitting around the house and testing out the medical alert system. Tell us some of the things that you?re planning for the day!