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Preventing Falls Before They Happen

Preventing falls from happening in the first place is the right place to start!

One-in-three Americans over the age of 65 will fall in their own home each year.

In 2003 alone, over 2,500,000 older adults were treated at emergency rooms around the country for non-fatal falls. Of these, nearly one-third or 734,000 were hospitalized following their fall.

Falling is serious business, especially among the elderly. Falling can lead to medical conditions such as infection, cardiovascular disorder, chronic ailment, Parkinson disorder and dementia. Not to mention the emotional trauma experienced by folks who fall and may be left on the floor for hours until they are found.

Download our free guide

To help combat falls and make your home safer, we have compiled our free fall prevention guide "50+ Ways To Prevent Falls" which you can download for free here: Free Fall Prevention Guide.

We are also happy to share the info-graphic on "Preventing Falls In Older Adults" below from our friends at Easy Climber.

Please share with your friends and lets keep our elderly friends and family safe and independent at home. To learn about our automatic fall detection medical alert systems, click on the link or call us at 1-855-272-1010.

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