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Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly – Independence At Home

An emergency response system provides senior citizens with the security and peace of mind needed for independent living, allowing them to retain independence while still having the protection and response they desire in case of a medical emergency. Patients who have undergone serious medical intervention for treatment of chronic pain or terminal illness, or treatment for a physical injury, are especially at risk of a home accident. Having a comprehensive home medical alert system allows those at risk to still enjoy their independence, while having the ability to summon assistance in a medical emergency instantly.

Medical Care Alert provides a comprehensive home medical alert system offering 24 x 7 monitoring and emergency assistance. With a simple push of the panic button, you’re connected to EMT certified monitoring monitoring agents who will dispatch emergency personnel to your location immediately. The 72 hour, built-in battery allows for an instant connection, even in a power outage. Medical Care Alert equipment is hospital-grade technology manufactured by BOSCH for use in healthcare communications settings.

A medical alert system is only one step in ensuring your safety at home. Seniors who are prone to falls can employ the following steps:

  • Bathrooms are a common place for falls to occur. Suction railings for the tub and shower can help minimize risks in the bathroom
  • Non-slip mats in the kitchen and other areas are recommended to help prevent falls
  • Handle stairways with care, and non-slip stair mats may help minimize risks
  • A gripping tool can help reach high shelves, a common cause of injury
  • Well lighted hallways and rooms are an added benefit

At Medical Care Alert, we offer 3 different levels of emergency alert services to match the needs of every individual.

  • HOME System – For use in the home through a landline connection.
  • HOME & YARD System – For use in and outside of the home, through an extended-signal landline connection.
  • HOME & AWAY System – The ultimate in medical alert monitoring, the HOME & AWAY system uses AT&T Wireless’ Nationwide Network to provide coverage wherever you may roam.
  • All Three systems include no activation fees, free equipment, no long-term contract; and will connect you to a 24 x 7 monitoring center of trained emergency response professionals.
  • AutoFALL Fall detection systems are also available. A fall detection medical alert system is very helpful if you should fall and can't get up, and are also unable to press the button. The medical fall alert pendant will signal the base station for you and call the monitoring center.
Learn more about all the three medical alert systems here. Try one today risk free for next 30 days by signing up here.