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Our clients are our best advertising. We have hundreds of outspoken advocates who are not afraid to share how much they value our Medial Care Alert Systems and the importance we place on senior safety. The medical alert system reviews are categorized based on the 3 different devices and plan options that we have.

  • HOME System
  • HOME & YARD System
  • HOME & AWAY System

Check out all our customers' Medical Care Alert reviews and testimonials below!

HOME System - Quarterly Plan

Great Site, very easy to understand, October 27, 2013 Reviewer: Keith G. from Puyallup, WA Great Site, very easy to understand options presented. I looked at many different sites and programs offered and end the end It began using your plans as a basis to compete against. It was about a week process and I also found HOW many companies were the #1 rated, amazing...I called in and asked a few questions, Brandon was very polite and helpful, answered all my questions and mentioned a 30 day return policy. I was looking at Home or Home and Yard Systems, elected Home System right now. Thank you for the great experience.

Grandmother feels comfortable October 12, 2013 Reviewer: Robin L. from Leawood, KS My grandmother needed a medical alert machine in the event that she falls again and cannot get up. The machine and bracelet provided to me for my grandmother arrived a day earlier than anticipated. It was easy to hook up and the directions were simple to follow. We called the company to put it in test mode and had my grandmother speak to them until she felt comfortable that she new what to expect if she needs to push the button on her bracelet. They are very professional and helpful.

It was easy. July 30, 2013 Reviewer: Jane Lunders from Las Cruces, NM United States It was easy. Jessica responded to my inquiry and we set it up over the phone. It arrived on the appointed day and my neighbor came over to set it up. Set up was difficult because the only phone connection was behind a very large piece of furniture. But other than that every thing went fine. ~ JANE

Quite Satisfied February 1, 2013 Reviewer: Anne F. from Staten Island, NY I am quite satisfied with my alert bracelet. I have the Lock Box on my door handle. I have already tested the distance to may mailbox - i am travelling by rolling walker to my hairdresser -- many bocks away. thank you

Review Medical Alert November 19, 2012 Reviewer: Maryann Gamel from Lansing, MI United States I most recently connected with Medical Care Alert and am currently set up for service. While in the process of evaluating which company to go with I came to the conclusion that three items were important: #1-price,service and communication. I was totally impressed with the courtesy involved when obtaining information. I was not pressured and knew which sales person I was able to communicate with. After speaking with six or so different companies i knew from the beginning the Medical Care Alert was the right one for me. Thank you

I did a lot of research October 29, 2012 Reviewer: Margaret E. from Las Vegas, NV I purchased the medical alert system. I did a lot of research because there are a lot of companies; they included 2 pendants, which a lot of companies don't do that. I haven't used it as an emergency but so far, the customer service has been very good. It’s nice because their people are based here in the United States and they are professionally trained medical people. They aren’t doctors or anything but I like that I can call and speak with someone with no language barriers, especially if I get in a medical emergency. The price is fair.

Medical Alert Quarterly Plan- includes console September 8, 2012 Reviewer: Jan Rajki from Jensen Beach, FL United States Jessica Fox was very helpful and professional. So far very satisfied.

Medical alert system August 21, 2012 Reviewer: Charles D. from Davis Junction, IL United States This system seems to have everything covered. I think it is better than the Connect America system we had before. The sales person Jessica was very professionl and was not pushy. Sometimes sales people can be annoying by calling too much. She sold me. Thank You- Charles D.

Very Nice August 16, 2012 Reviewer: Lyla L. from Las Vegas, NV It turned out fine. We did not have to use it for the three months of service but we did have it on. They were very nice as well.

Extremely Professional July 15, 2012 Reviewer: Betty C. from Spring Valley, CA I have it for about three months. This is for a personal safety alarm. It is doing fine. I did not have to have as much money up front. The initial payment was quite a bit less. They were extremely professional.

Product July 1, 2012 Reviewer: John D. from Pensacola, FL United States The only thing I've noticed so far is the wrist band if frayed and hard to but through buckle and needs A band or sonething to hold extra band after buckled.And clip for putting on shirt or whatever is hard to clip on.

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HOME System - Semi-Annual Plan

Great Site, very easy to understand October 27, 2013 Reviewer: Keith G. from Puyallup, WA Great Site, very easy to understand options presented. I looked at many different sites and programs offered and end the end It began using your plans as a basis to compete against. It was about a week process and I also found HOW many companies were the #1 rated, amazing...I called in and asked a few questions, Brandon was very polite and helpful, answered all my questions and mentioned a 30 day return policy. I was looking at Home or Home and Yard Systems, elected Home System right now. Thank you for the great experience.

Very easy! April 20, 2013 Reviewer: Martha Scott from Bedford, IN United States Very easy to set up and the girl that originally spoke to me offered her number to help us in any way. She was AWESOME! Her name is Lainie

Alert system April 19, 2013 Reviewer: La June Dibb from Saint Cloud, MN United States So far I like it

HomeAlert System -console 2 buttons 24/7 monitorin February 13, 2013 Reviewer: Linda M. from Conneaut Lake, PA United States I tested indoors but haven't tested outside to see how far it goes due to the weather.

Indoor Unit January 23, 2013 Reviewer: Nathan V.(typed by Steven V./son from Vernon Hills, IL United States Seems to be fine. My dad has a hearing problem and I have called to see if volume can be turned up. I was told no. You will have to speak very loud. If the button is pressed by him, he may not hear you. Just assume something is wrong.

Medical Care Alert is just what we needed November 19, 2012 Reviewer: JSS from Wilmington, NC United States My mother-in-law lives alone and had begun to consider a medical alert system when she had a stroke. She was particularly interested in one with a lock box. Then she had a small stroke. While she was recovering, I investigated systems and chose Medical Care Alert. Are we glad we did. Great purchasing process, great service, and great deal!

home medical alert September 21, 2012 Reviewer: Robert Spence from Columbus, NJ United States Everything seems fine.

Lainie Phillips September 4, 2012 Reviewer: Raymond Crone from Sunset Beach, NC United States The reason we chose your Medical Alert system is beacause of your sales representative,Lainie Phillips. When I inquired about your system, she patiently explained how it worked and its benefits. No pressure, realizing not everyone is ready to subscribe on their first contact. Every couple of months after my first inquiry, she would send me an email to let me know she was still there to help. Her courtesy and understanding were her greatest selling tools. Thank you, Lainie.

medical alert system July 27, 2012 Reviewer: Arthur G from Bridgeview, IL United States great plan, and affordable

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HOME System - Annual Plan

Great Site, very easy to understand October 27, 2013 Reviewer: Keith G. from Puyallup, WA Great Site, very easy to understand options presented. I looked at many different sites and programs offered and end the end It began using your plans as a basis to compete against. It was about a week process and I also found HOW many companies were the #1 rated, amazing...I called in and asked a few questions, Brandon was very polite and helpful, answered all my questions and mentioned a 30 day return policy. I was looking at Home or Home and Yard Systems, elected Home System right now. Thank you for the great experience.

Home Medical Alert Annual Plan September 6, 2013 Reviewer: David Yourch from Carolina, Carolina Puerto Rico FANTASTIC

HOME Medical Alert Annual Plan August 21, 2013 Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Salisbury, NC United States My mom and dad are very pleased with the system itself and the service provided by the sales and monitoring representatives. I am confident that my folks are protected and secure in the event of a accident or unwanted intrusion. Thank you

Mom is happy August 11, 2013 Reviewer: Georgia R. from Westerville, OH I got one of their systems for my mother and she has been very happy with the service. She has really found that the call center operators are really responsive but also provide excellent service to her, and she has been very pleased with the interactions she's had.

Found on A List August 5, 2013 Reviewer: N.W. from Texas I became concerned about living alone without an alert system and joined Medical Care Alert after investigating such services on Angie's List. I have been very pleased with them ever since. I spoke with their representative on the telephone, agreed to one of their plans, and subscribed to the service. My equipment arrived quickly and I was able to set up the service easily by following the instructions included. I have tested every week since then and had a successful test. I had two "false alarms" and was helped by a customer service representative to avoid them by not wearing the alarm button on the same wrist as my wrist watch and by not wearing it while sleeping...so at night I'm attaching it to my CPAP machine instead.

Medical Care Alert August 2, 2013 Reviewer: from Casa Grande, AZ United States My Medical Alert unit has been set up. It was installed easily and courteously. I appreciate that and the new sense of security I now have.

system July 12, 2013 Reviewer: Connie Goddard from Kirkland, WA United States The jury is out until I've used thesystem.

Easy set up. June 21, 2013 Reviewer: Private from Richfield, MN United States Was simple to set up. Good assistance from support staff. Very nice to my mom.

wonderful -- May 24, 2013 Reviewer: Katie from Lenoir, NC United States this was the only emergency response system that had somebody working on Sunday. I needed to get everything in place quickly for my mother who just got out of the hospital. The phone conversation/ordering process was very enjoyable and informative, as was any contact with the setup and other calls. I'm very happy

Home Medical Alert Annual Plan May 17, 2013 Reviewer: Helen Carroll from Midlothian, VA United States The first unit that was sent to my parents did not work. The second unit got sent to a Customer Service Representative due to the package being mislabeled. It was then shipped to my parents and arrived finally on 5/17/13. The second unit was set up today 5/17/13 works fine so far.

Home Medical Alert Plan May 13, 2013 Reviewer: Noel Skube from Stanwood, WA United States First class equipment which is easy to install & use. Installation instructions were particularly easy to follow. Lainie Phillips made the whole process quite understandable. She is a winner and uses language that the average bear can understand--not to technical. I felt that I had found a friend.

Okay so far April 26, 2013 Reviewer: Walter N. from Bloomington, IL United States We have the system set up and everything seems okay.

Home and Away System Annual Plan includes Console, April 18, 2013 Reviewer: Page T Shanklin Sr from Cumberland, MD United States I researched several systems on-line after having a quad by-pass heart surgery and was brain dead for thirty minutes. I am also a brittle diabetic so an alert system was needed by myself and family. I selected Medical Care Alert after reviewing all products of others and the different systems offered by Medical Care Alert. Unfortunately when I ordered the system it was the wrong one and with just a phone call and free shipping I got what I needed. I am very pleased with the cost-the easy ayssembly and hook-up and the quick rersponse I get when checking my system twice a week. I would recommend Medical Care Alert to those who need a system to assist them when needed due to their health.

SET UP March 26, 2013 Reviewer: Judith Poduska from Cedar Rapids, IA United States Had problems setting the unit up. Had to have someone help me. Used a tech over the phone to finish set up and to test the device. Not too difficult to set up and use. Have tested it but not used it in an emergency. Am confident it will work when I need it. The tech thought a green light had to be on and we wasted a lot of time and effort finding out that it worked on yellow, which mine showed. Other then that it was easy to set up. Too bad I had to move furniture so many time to plug and unplug and find different places to plug it in I was tired when I got done!

Lainie was fantasic February 1, 2013 Reviewer: Deb G. from Bear Creek, NC United States It's too early to rate the actual device or service, however 2 things I can respond on to date: 1) Lainie was fantastic. She is one of the biggest reasons I went with this company over the others. There are so many similarities and many of the companies have excellent products and service as well as reputations. Her professionalism and no pressure tactics were truly appreciated. Another company with a highly rated device had awful customer service -- rude, pushy, inaccurate, etc. Lainie was so easy to work with and I was not purchasing for myself so there were many details she carefully ironed out with me and she was pleasant and made the experience personal. 2) My parents don't think they need this system so it has been a hard sell on my part. My husband and I helped them set it up and were with them for their first test.

So Far, So good February 1, 2013 Reviewer: Ann B. from Loveland, CO United States So far, so good, I have not had to use the system


Home medical alert January 26, 2013 Reviewer: John Tinoco Sr from Kansas City, MO United States Just received system, I as well as my family feel at ease with this device knowing that help is just a click away. hopefully when the time does come that I need it, It will not fail me.

home medical alert plan - console, 2 buttons, 24/7 January 7, 2013 Reviewer: Peter Hallahan from Haverhill, MA United States GREAT product. The customer service relationship with the setup/testing process was very easy and professionally done!

Medical Care Alert Experience December 30, 2012 Reviewer: Anonymous Person from East Brunswick, NJ United States The sign up process was clear and efficient. All of the customer support was effective and professional. THe system is easy to use.

Medical Alert Annual Plan November 12, 2012 Reviewer: Nancy Nickols from Dewitt, MI United States Haven't had the opportunity to use the system yet (thank goodness), but the purchase, pricing, and attitude of sales rep were excellent.

Great product! November 11, 2012 Reviewer: Dorothy Mclaren from Chattanooga, TN United States Excellent customer service, product arrived on time tested well making my mother feel very secure. Thank you

EASY! November 4, 2012 Reviewer: Susan Miller from San Antonio, TX United States This was too easy. Went online, read every medical alert company site, checked Angie's list, ordered it online. Got it in the mail 3 days later, hooked it up in 2 minutes, strapped the wrist to my moms wrist, had her do a test call. Put the lockbox on the door with the key, filled out my paper work notifying Medical Alert where the key and where her list of medications are located. EASY!!! Her friend wants one now so I mailed her paperwork since she does not use the computer. People....help the elderly out.....reach out and let them know that this does not mean that they are old. It is a tool to give them peace of mind.

Best customer service I have ever had October 30, 2012 Reviewer: Sandra B. from Ocean Isle Beach, NC My elderly father has dementia and was falling, so I ordered him a medical alert. This is the best customer service I have ever had. Sue Neal is who I dealt with by phone. She made herself available by her personal cell phone for us. She went over and above to help us out. I ordered a fall detector on top of the medical alert, which I think is a product that many people would benefit from. Do not wait too long to do this. It is better to order it sooner than later.

Works just fine October 29, 2012 Reviewer: Margaret V. from Peel, AR United States Lainie the sales rep was terrific. She was very thorough on explaining everything, but the call was not high pressure. She's the reason I decided on this company. The product was delivered as promised and seems to be working just fine.

Home Medical Alert System October 22, 2012 Reviewer: Charles Hanekamp from Green Valley, AZ United States Jessica was my rep.Provided excellent info and answered all my questions. I checked three different services and this was the best for our needs. The lock box was a plus. The system arrived and much of it was already put together so it was easy to start up. Everyone was most helpful

review October 14, 2012 Reviewer: Curtis Maschek from Greenville, SC United States i just got it. i haven't used it yet thankfully.

Peace of Mind October 4, 2012 Reviewer: Kathleen A. from The Woodlands, TX United States I ordered Medical Care Alert fro my 86 year old parents. It has given me peace of mind when I have to go out of town. I know help is just a button away no matter what assistance they need.

Review September 28, 2012 Reviewer: Patti Routh from Franklinville, NC United States My experience thus far has been excellent. We accidently omitted information on the customer agreement, and Customer Service followed up to get everything in order. I appreciate the concern shown to make sure my mother-in-law is treated properly should emergency treatment be needed. The lockbox did not work, and it is being replaced. Nothing negative-- all good. We are very relieved that she has this device.

Nothing ever happens to us!, LOL September 21, 2012 Reviewer: Roy Fredrickson from Hemet, CA United States About a month ago my wife was sweeping leaves off the driveway, she slipped and fell breaking the ball in her right hip.This was 7:00AM she laid there for more than 20 minutes,(I am deaf and was asleep in the house)she called for help, finally a Friend was out walking and saw her. He woke me up and called 911. The parimedics came in about 10 minutes and took her to the hospital. Too bad we did not have Medical CareAlert, she just had to push a button for help! She is now on the road to recovery.

Very Helpful August 29, 2012 Reviewer: C.W. from Winthrop, ME I want you to know that your sales person ,Lainie, was very helpful and knowledgeable in our dealngs and my decision to purchase your system

Total Experience Review August 26, 2012 Reviewer: Harold S. from Las Vegas, NV United States Everyone I have dealt with has been terrific in trying to fulfill what I wanted. Any lack was in my expressing myself. I now have exactly what I had envisioned, push a button on a pendant, wristband, or belt holder and someone talks to you within a minute or two, inside or outside. Perfect! And I have one also in the rare case there is a problem with me and my spouse is incapable of responding. I don't want to say this to loud but it was cheaper than what I anticipated too. So far, I am very pleased. Angie's list was right.

Good To Work With August 16, 2012 Reviewer: Verna H. from Ft. Worth, TX I am elderly and my children recommended that I start this service. I signed up for it, and it's been very good. Fortunately, I haven't needed their services yet, but they've been good to work with overall.

medical alert review August 10, 2012 Reviewer: Irving A. from Saint Louis, MO United States We had an excellent experience from start to finish purchasing this system. Lainie was prompt in answering all of my questions. The system was easy to install and test. Thank you for making this so easy and giving us peace of mind.

Review Medical Care Alert August 10, 2012 Reviewer: Margaret V. from Peel, AR United States After Dad fell I went on line to see about medical alert pendants. I was bombarded by solicitation calls. However, one of those calls stood out. It was from Lainie. She quickly and concisely went over all of the details, followed up with an email and assured me she would not call me again, but if there was anything she could do to help make a decision to call her. I was impressed with Lainie and the features and the cost of Medical Care Alert. The equipment arrived as promised and was easy to set up and test. We have not had to use it for an emergency yet, but are confident it will live up to our expectations. If you are thinking about this system, I am sure you too will feel you've made a good decision. Tell Lainie I referred you- Margaret from Peel, AR

Review July 16, 2012 Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Matthews, NC United States After 2 nights of reading about alert systems, I narrowed my choice to two systems. They were pretty close, (however other did not have Bosch). Comparing both, found yours had Bosch made system Free lock box Free pendant & wrist button Price lock - forever 1000 ft range for signal Very courteous staff Great yearly price Free shipping Mainly you just ticked all the buttons of things I found I wanted after finding on the web lists telling me what I needed to have!! Great system.

Peace of mind for both of us. July 15, 2012 Reviewer: Diane L. from Venice, FL It has been very good. They were very efficient. They communicated very well with answering my questions. They sent the product very quickly and my mom is very comfortable wearing the system. I was the care giver for her and moved. This system has created piece of mind for both of us.

A Very Pleased Customer July 9, 2012 Reviewer: Bob R from Northbrook, IL I recently ordered your alert system from Lainie Phillips. She was incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful. As my 93 year mother is very independent, Lainie gave me some suggestions on how to position the system with her so that it would be embraced and used effectively. My mom is now testing the system weekly and feels very comfortable that help would be available if ever needed. All of your people have been great and are a worthy follow up to the outstanding first impression which Lainie provided a few weeks ago.

Love My Medical Care Alert July 6, 2012 Reviewer: J. D. from Watseka, IL 6/30/12 The reason for me to write this letter is because today I have a Medical Care Alert! I will be 70 years old in August, and I want to live many more years, so in case of an emergency I need them to respond quickly. I decided to buy the product from this company, even though I was in contact with many other companies, because of their salesperson, Lainie. Lainie was very professional, first-class, and she gave me the product details and wasn't pushy-like other salespeople were. Lainie answered all of my questions, was very polite, and she has a nice way of expressing herself. It was a very good experience. If any of my friends or neighbors need a product like mine, I will recommend them to Lainie at Medical Care Alert. Thank you for this product that could save my life! Please let Lainie know that I thank her for all of her help in selecting a Medical Care Alert product. Sincerely, J.D.

Mother Fainted July 2, 2012 Reviewer: Donna M. from Reading, PA I wanted to let you know that just this week, there was need for paramedics to be dispatched to my mother's home. The process worked just as you said it would. If it wasn't for Medical Care Alert, my mother may not be alive today. She experienced a fainting episode, which caused her to fall. When she came out of the spell, she was unable to get up off of the floor, so she pushed her little button, a nice young man responded, she told him what happened & he dispatched the EMTs, then called me. From the call for help, to the arrival of the EMTs, it took less than 15 minutes. It turns out, that mother has a heart rhythm problem which caused her heart to not beat for several seconds at a time. This has now been corrected with a pacemaker. Without Medical Care Alert, she would have remained on the floor unable to get help, and could have died. The cost of Medical Care Alert's monitoring service is worth it's weight in gold. There aren't enough "thank you's" to express my gratitude for Medical Care Alert's fine service.

A bit confusing July 1, 2012 Reviewer: Cathy P. from Buckeye, AZ United States My father lives in another state, so I had a neighbor help him with the set up with the product arrived. Apparently there was some confusion and my father had to call your customer service number the next day. The neighbor said the system seemed complicated.

Pendant and Hasp July 1, 2012 Reviewer: Lois W. from Batesville, IN United States I am pleased with the system and feel quite secure. Thank the Lord I have not had to call for help. Especially like the long distance from base that it covers. Lets me take a little walk to the road to visit. The slot for the wrist-band is so narrow that I could not get my nice gold chain through to attach it. I liked my chain better as it looks like a necklace. The hasp for the door entry is thick enough for a rental storage locker! That doesn't need to be that heavy.

Sales and Service June 13, 2012 Reviewer: Donna S. from Geneva, FL United States Thank you. So, far the service has been everything promised. I must tell you, the reason we went with your company is because of Lanie, the young woman who sold us the service. I shopped around, but Lanie was infomative, responsive and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. If the service is as good as Lanie, then we will be very happy. In fact, we have already refered a client who bought the service!

Medical Care Alert Unit June 7, 2012 Reviewer: L.P. from N.J. Research various medical alert businesses. What made me go with Medical Care Alert, is your knowledge of your equiptment and Lanie Phillips "non-pushiness" or forceful sales pitch to sell YOUR product. She is so easy to talk to. I especially felt confidence that the unit is made by Bosch (reputable), the EMT's who answer your calls speak english, & are in the USA. Other outfits charged the consumer extra for the lockbox, but you didn't. Installation was very easy, testing the unit went well, clarity of the person on the other end was very clear and understandable for elderly folks. So far so good. The unit gives me peace of mind that in the event of a "fall" medical attention will be addressed & my family will be notified. Thank you.........:-)

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HOME & YARD System - Quaterly Plan

knowing that they "are there" is assuring November 7, 2013 Reviewer: Ted K from Sparta, NC My wife was scheduled to be away teaching over 100 miles away during the weeks of the 2012 school year. Since I am an older person and live in a remote location, I thought it a good idea to have a way to get help it needed. After researching several medical alert providers, I chose Medical Care Alert. Thankfully, I have not needed them, but knowing that they "are there" is assuring. It went extremely well, from setting up and testing the equipment to the weekly communications verification tests.

Thank you and keep up the good work October 27, 2013 Reviewer: PWE from California I set this service up for my mother in Ohio (I live in California); my mom and sister just rave about the support from your company; they give you top marks for customer service. We really appreciate your product; it's the best money I have spent on something in several years. I tell everyone about your company; I have so many 'baby boomer' friends trying to help our their elderly parents. Thank you and keep up the good work!

good range May 7, 2013 Reviewer: Trish Hardt from Fort Wayne, IN United States Excellent range. Went farther than we expected. When getting credit card info,Jessica Fox spoke very quickly, making it difficult for Client to follow the conversation. She wouldn't answer Mom's questions, saying she'd already 'discussed it with' me. Client was confused and frustrated with the entire process. Client has no Internet/wifi so unable to watch the setup (& other) videos. DVD? VERY loud ringing/beeping sounds on pendant when help button pressed. If a burglar were in the house, client'd be found and harmed long before help arrived.

Home & Yard Medical Alert Quarterly Plan March 9, 2013 Reviewer: Alma Brashier from Valley Center, CA United States I sent one; however it told me to make selection of product?? Since it was already indicated I did not!!

Answer to my fears December 6, 2012 Reviewer: Gail R. from Kinston, NC Haven't been a customer long enough to evaluate use of it yet, but we tried it out at the very fartherest point in our yard and the test call was successful! Customer service has been of help to us each time we've called and the representative, Jessica, was wonderful and answered all my questions. She was also such a pleasant person. Hopefully, this will be the answer to my fear of leaving my mother alone for short periods of time.

Home and Yard Medical Alert Quarterly Plan- November 29, 2012 Reviewer: Earl Dobson from Benld, IL United States The first type of unit we tried failed to work with our phone system (coming through the cable). We tried to find a company that would put into our house a phone line, with no luck. Lori Stapp worked with us and through her efforts we finally have a working system. Lori is a dedicated person and a credit to your company, and it was a pleasure working with her. I will happily recomend Medical Care Alert to anyone who might ask.

Home & Yard Medical Alert Quarterly Plan November 25, 2012 Reviewer: Ronald Galvan Sr from Yankton, SD United States So far, the people have been very personal to work with and the system was easy to install once we found an outlet and phone line together. Mom has an old house with limited outlets so that was a challenge in itself. I'm pleased we found one that she can go outside of her home (yard) Thank you for your feedback on this medical alert system review. We appreciate your input!

Review November 2, 2012 Reviewer: Theodore Kummer from Sparta, NC United States The Medical Care Alert system was very easy to set up. The Customer Service people and Jessica Fox (sales consultant) were ALL most helpful. Thank you all! Ted Kummer

Customer service is terrific October 29, 2012 Reviewer: Susan R. from Baltimore, MD I called and checked to make sure everything is okay. I do the testing each week. Their customer service is terrific. The lady I spoke with is great at what she does. She was not pushy and just did a really good job. They do a lot of extra services that one of their competitors did not. I am able to go outside with the device and you could not do it with the other service providers device.

Easy to install September 30, 2012 Reviewer: Becky S. from Corrigan, TX United States The unit was easy to install. The main reason I chose this company was the mic in the pendant, because he is so hard of hearing and it did help.

I am 97 years, fell during the night September 16, 2012 Reviewer: Orin K. from Oakland, CA United States I am 97 years, I had so many people tell me get an alert. I was not interested. I fell during the night. You have no idea when you can think but still do not know how to move your body. It was 1 plus hours before I made enough noise to get my neighbor. She couldnot lift me had to go back get her son. What a feeling you can not move. I just wish it was a bit smaller. Pappy