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Life Alert Fraud Alert Warning and Lawsuit
Last Updated: 01/02/2014

Life Alert is fighting imposters who are using robo-calls and Life Alert’s trademarks to scam the elderly

According to a press release published on WebWire, Life Alert filed a lawsuit against two companies for impersonating Life Alert through scam phone calls to the elderly, then lying and manipulating them into providing personal and financial information.

WEBWIRE – Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life Alert has protected the elderly for over 25 years. As the founder and industry leader in the personal emergency response systems for the elderly, Life Alert saves a life from a catastrophe every 11 minutes. Therefore, Life Alert would like the public to know that it has filed a lawsuit against those involved in impersonating Life Alert through scam phone calls to senior citizens, and then lying and manipulating them into providing personal and financial information.

The perpetrators of these phone scams were successful because of their use of Life Alert’s famous brand name, slogan and reputation. As a result of their actions, thousands of senior citizens were scammed nationwide and tremendous damage was caused to Life Alert.

“We hope that this lawsuit will punish the responsible parties and prevent other companies from buying fraudulent contracts. Life Alert will sue any company that impersonates and/or illegally uses its registered trademarks, and hopes that this action will end the nationwide unsolicited, illegal, automated calls that are misleading and scamming our senior citizens.”

About Life Alert

Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc. is the founder and leader in personal emergency response industry and has been providing services to seniors nationwide since 1987. Their trademarked slogan, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” is ranked as the most memorable ad over the last 25 years by USA Today. Life Alert is the first personal response service to employ two-way communication for its members and is the only company to invest over $150 million in branding and public education about personal protection. Life Alert is the only company that former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D. endorsed; Dr. Koop has appeared in Life Alert commercials from 2004 up until his death in 2013.

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