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Why MagicJack Cannot Be Used With A Medical Alert System
Last Updated: 05/18/2013
Many folks have turned to MagicJack for inexpensive telephone service. 

While this may be OK for regular phone calls, MagicJack does not work with medical alert systems or home alarm systems. We do not recommend using MagicJack with your Medical Alert System, and neither does MagicJack!

In fact, even MagicJack does not recommend using their service for these important devices. 

From the MagicJack Website FAQ's: 
  • Your Question: Will my alarm system work with magicJack? 
  • Answer: It may, but we cannot recomment (sic) it for legal reasons. 

From a Support Chat with Magic Jack Support: 

Please wait for a site operator to respond. 
You are now chatting with 'Joane' 
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554089823403X 
Joane: Hello, how may I help you? 
Bryan: HI - can I connect a medical alert alarm system to MagicJack? 
Joane: It may, but we cannot recomment it for legal reasons. 
Joane: Plug your alarm system into your magicJack, just as you would normally connect your alarm system to your telephone jack. 
Bryan: So just to be clear, you do not recommend connecting a medical alert system using MagicJack, is that correct? 
Joane: yes correct 
Bryan: Ok - thanks. 

The reason MagicJack will not work with alarm systems is that MagicJack transmission quality cannot support modem tones - it will not sync. Therefore it cannot connect with the medical alert monitoring center.

According to the unofficial MagicJack FAQ's
  • We do not recommend using magicJack with your alarm system. We are aware of people making a connection to their alarm system and magicJack. We do not recommend or endorse this use.
So....bottom line....we do not recommend using MagicJack for your Medical Alert Alarm System, and neither does MagicJack. 

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