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Career Opportunity with Medical Care Alert
Last Updated: 02/11/2016

        Work From Home Help Seniors Live Independently At Home

        Medical Care Alert is looking for independent sales people who can work from home or wherever they are - all via an iPhone (which we provide), access to the internet, and a desire to help senior citizens live an independent life at home.

        What We Do

        Medical Care Alert provides personal emergency response systems (medical alert systems) in all 50 states to help seniors remain independent and secure in their homes with 24/7 access to emergency personnel at the touch of a button on your necklace or watch.

        The system provides peace of mind to seniors and caregivers alike, and allows the seniors to age in the comfort of their home, instead of an expensive assisted living or nursing home. The system costs less than $1 a day - $29.95 a month is all you pay: no equipment to buy, no set up fees, no long term contracts.

        We’re different from other medical alert companies because we offer:

        • Award Winning Customer Service

        • FREE Hospital Grade Equipment at no charge

        • 24/7 monitoring by EMT-Certified agents

        • Simple pricing with NO long term contracts or hidden fees

        • We care more.

          What we do for YOU

        • We provide leads, inbound calls, and a lead management system
          which prioritizes and dials leads on your behalf so you can get in touch with new inquiries immediately. The system also keeps track of your follow-ups and appointments.

          Sales calls are typically with the son or daughter of a senior - caregiving children typically 45-65 years old, looking for service for their elderly parent. Depending on where they are in the buying cycle, a call will last 5-17
          minutes. There is usually a sense of urgency because there has been an event (fall, stroke, other scare) and they want to get their parent protected now.

          Our leads typically convert at 20-35% when contacted, overall around 16%. This is a straighforward sell, and provides a true life saving service, along with the financial security of only paying $29.95 a month compared to $1,500-5,000 a month for assisted living or nursing home care. Our top sales rep has consistently sold over 3,000 systems a year for the past 5 years. We expect someone to be able to sell 50-90 systems a month.

          Sales commissions range from $50-75 per sale, with incentive kickers for volume. A salesperson making 60 sales a month at an average of $60 per sale would earn $3,600 a month, 75 units would earn $4,755.

          This could be right for you, if you:

        • Have EXPERIENCE selling over the phone, building rapport, uncovering needs, and closing.

        • Can RELATE to seniors, caregivers, and concerned family members


        • Need FLEXIBILITY in your schedule to manage family life etc.

          Ready to learn more? Contact us at

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