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How To Set Up Your HOME Medical Alert System - BOSCH Carephone 10
Last Updated: 12/30/2012

Here's how to set up your HOME Medical Alert System (BOSCH Carephone 10) 

Step 1: Plug the phone “T” Adapter (1) into home phone jack 

Step 2: Plug the large end of the supplied phone cord (2) into the Phone “T” adapter’s (1) large opening, and the small end into the Alarm Unit marked “TELE” (See illustration) 

Step 3: Plug your home phone line into the “T” Adapter’s (1) small opening. Lift telephone receiver and check for dial tone. If “no dial tone” review your steps and try again. 

Step 4: Plug Power Adapter (3) into an AC outlet that is NOT controlled by a light switch, and connect the end to the unit marked POWER (See Above). 

Step 5: Turn on the POWER SWITCH. The light on front of the unit should be Solid green. 

Step 6: Test Your System. Call 1-877-913-5699 to put your unit on "LIVE TEST MODE". 
 • After you hang up with the operator, press your pendant or wristband button once (not the button located on the base unit). 
 • There will be a series of beeps, you may hear a dialing sound, and lastly the unit will go silent. It will take 60-90 seconds – don’t disconnect or hang up. 
• An operator will come on and let you know that the signal was received. The operator will verify your address and answer any questions. 

Set up is complete! 

Wear your button at all times – the medical alert system only works if you have the button with you and can press it in an emergency. CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH OUR SET UP VIDEO.

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