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Our Fall Detection Pendant Automatically Lets Us Know If You Fall!



  • - Lightweight, waterproof automatic fall detection pendant
  • - Works with HOME and HOME-3G Medical Alert Systems
  • - Fall Detection Pendant Never needs charging
  • - 1,000 foot range from fall detection pendant to base unit - that's around three football fields

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* Now you can add a fall detection pendant for just $10 a month!

Get an extra layer of protection and peace of mind with our unique automatic fall detection pendant.

Sensitive enough to detect a fall or stumble, smart enough to let you go about your day without setting off false alarms.*

It works with our HOME and HOME 3G Medical Alert Systems which works even if you don't have a phone line. Perfect if you don't have a traditional phone line, or if you use a discount phone service like MagicJack or Vonage.

How It Works:

  • If you fall and can't get up and are unable to press the button, the automatic fall detection system pendant will detect a fall and automatically send a signal to the emergency response center.
  • Even if the user cannot speak, the operator will dispatch help.
  • The fall detection pendant is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower where many falls occur.
  • In addition to the auto fall detect alert feature, users can press the button anytime for emergency help.
  • Fall detection pendant works up to 1,000 feet away from the base unit - that's the length of three football fields.
  • System works even with no land line phone system (click here for AT&T Coverage map)
  • Reliable AT&T Wireless coverage for the medical alert device to contact our monitoring center