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How An Emergency Call Button Works For Seniors

How An Emergency Call Button Works For Seniors

Medical Care Alert on Jun 23rd 2022

    An emergency call button can be a life safer for seniors (or anyone) who needs emergency help.

    We've been providing emergency call button medical alert systems for seniors in all 50 states for over 15 years.  Here are some of the things our clients tell us:

    • "This system works great! Both my parents have the wristband emergency call buttons. Totally puts my mind at ease. And when they need help, it gets there - fast."
    • "The system is for my 90 year old mother and so far all is good. It has taken some time to get used to. Now I think we are good to go and she really appreciates it. She wears her emergency call button religiously."
    • "The product was easy to figure out and has given my children peace of mind as far as my continued ability to live on my own safely."
    • "Awesome company! They were always been there when I needed them I felt very protected like when I fell they were there. It's very comforting to know did I had that emergency call button device because I'm disabled. Can't say enough good things about them"
    • "My mom needed to use the service a couple of days ago when she lost her balance and ended up on the floor. She lives alone and couldn't get up. She pushed her button and help arrived quickly, they used the lockbox key, helped her up and evaluated her for injuries. My siblings and I all received text messages so we knew what was going on pretty quick. Thank you! She is so glad we set it up for her, and so are we."

    How Does An Emergency Call Button Work?

    There are two kinds of buttons: Standard Medical Alert Buttons, and Automatic Fall Detection Buttons.  

    • Standard Medical Alert Button: 

      • Standard Medical Alert ButtonThis is a small medical alert button worn around the neck with a lanyard, or on the wrist with a stretchy wrist band.  When the button is pressed, it sends a signal to the Medical Alert Console which calls our emergency response center.  This button requires the user to press the button when they need help.
    • Automatic Fall Detection Medical Alert Button:
      • Fall Detection Emergency Call ButtonThis is always worn around the neck as a necklace pendant with a lanyard, about mid-chest level.  The fall detection medical alert button has sensors that can detect a fall, and also has a button that can be pressed in a non-fall situation.  As with the Standard button,   it sends a signal to the Medical Alert Console which calls our emergency response center.  If a fall is detected, our emergency response center will know that the signal was triggered by the fall detection sensors.

    Still need help?  Check out our Medical Alert Comparison guide by clicking on the link.