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Medical Alert Battery FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions About Batteries and Medical Alert Systems

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We get a lot of questions from folks wondering about the batteries that go in the medical alert system. These are important questions as some people have sensitivities to batteries, and the medical alert button is worn close to the body.

If we didn't answer all your questions below, please contact Medical Care Alert customer service at 1-877-913-3680 and we'll gladly answer your questions about our medical alert system batteries.

Does Every Medical Alert System Have A Battery?

Yes - in both the medical alert button and in the base station. The medical alert button is powered by a battery that generally never needs servicing - it is self contained and will last several years before needing to be replaced. These buttons are monitored by Medical Care Alert, and we will contact you if we receive a low battery notification from your medical alert pendant. We will replace your pendant with a new one at no charge to you! This way you always know your medical alert button has a strong battery and will be ready when you need it.

Your medical alert console will have an internal battery back up that will kick in if the power goes out. The internal battery will generally last between 24-72 hours depending on which model system you have. If the internal battery ever needs replacing, we will notify you and send a completely new system to you at no charge.

Medical alert equipment is easy to install in your house. All it takes is a wall outlet to plug in the charger  or console, depending on which system you choose. You’re furnished with a medical alert bracelet and a pendant. Depending on the type of medical alert system that you have, you might also have a small base console which works as a two-way whole house speakerphone.

A medical alert bracelet is great to have on hand just in case there is an emergency. Just press the button, speak to an EMT/EMD-certified operator and help arrives. Of course, most of the time the medical alert system is sitting quietly, ready at a moment’s notice for when emergency strikes. However, how can you make sure that it will be there for you when you most need it?  We reccomend testing your system regularly to make sure it's ready for you in an actual emergency.

How often do you need to test your medical alert device battery?

Test the button on your medical alert bracelet or pendant once a week. First, call the emergency response center from your landline to let them know you’ll be testing. When you press the button and get a response, tell the EMT/EMD-certified operator that you’re testing the system to make sure everything is working correctly.

We continuously monitor your medical alert system and will know if the battery in your medical alert pendant needs replacing. Our customer service team will contact you when the battery is beginning to get low, and make arrangements to send you a new medical alert button with fresh batteries at no charge to you.

How Do I Know If the Medical Alert Button Battery is getting low or needs to be replaced?

medical alert batteries client testimonial medical care alertWe monitor the battery level of your medical alert button. All of our  medical alert emergency call buttons are "supervised"; this means they are continuously monitored by our emergency response center. If we ever detect a low battery signal from your emergency call button, our customer service team will contact you and make arrangements to send you a new replacement emergency call button at no cost to you. You never have to worry about it - that's our job!

Is there any fee for pressing the button on the medical alert bracelet?

No way! While some companies who limit or charge a set amount for each push of the button, we do not. The price of pressing the button is included in the cost of the system. Pressing your medical alert button has minimal impact on the battery life.

How long do the batteries in my emergency call button last?

Depending on which system you have, the batteries on the medical alert bracelet and pendant last for up to seven years or longer. Some pendants have rechargeable batteries that get swapped out monthly. If you’re worried about the batteries draining (the medical alert system will warn you, and us, if they’re low), then we will be more than happy to replace them for you at no charge.

However, your medical alert emergency call buttons are "supervised" and continuously monitored by our emergency response center. If we ever detect a low battery signal from your emergency call button, our customer service team will contact you and make arrangements to send you a new replacement emergency call button at no cost to you.

To see the specific battery life of each of our emergency call buttons, click the link.


What happens to the battery if the power goes out?

The medical alert console and/or mobile device charger is plugged into the wall and has a battery backup. That backup will last for up to 72 hours depending on which model medical alert system you have By that time, the power in your home should be restored and ready to go. Our emergency response center is notified in the event of a power outage and we may contact you if it appears your system is operating only on battery back up power.

Where can you take your medical alert bracelet?

The bracelet and call buttons are waterproof, meaning that you can confidently take them with you anywhere you go. Don’t be afraid to take a shower. Our medical alert system equipment is built to be waterproof.

When you press the button, you will receive immediate service from an EMT/EMD-certified professional who is ready to help. There is always someone there to call in case you have questions or worries about your personal emergency response system, even if there isn’t an emergency right now.

Some companies claim 10 year battery life - is this true?

We think this is highly unlikely. Even a battery that sits on a shelf will lose power over time. We think it's irresponsible of some companies to claim a 10 year battery life, stating it never needs to be charged or replaced, when protecting people's lives and property.

If you're wondering about the medical alert battery life, you can see the specific battery life of each of our emergency call buttons, by clicking the link.

How can some companies say batteries never need charging?

There are generally two types of batteries: rechargeable, and non-rechargeable (disposable):

  • Rechargeable batteries will last a certain length of time, and then need to be placed in a charger (or connected to a power source) and then recharged.  Depending on a lot of different factors, a rechargeable battery may last  as little as 8 hours, or as long as 30-days before needing to be recharged.  A rechargeable battery can have a lifespan of between 5 to 7 years if it is well maintained and frequently used.  Keep using your batteries if you want them to last longer.
  • Non-rechargeable, or disposable batteries do not need to be charged.  So if a medical alert button contains a non-rechargeable battery, then it is accurate to say that the battery never needs to be charged, because it cannot be charged by definition.   Most medical alert buttons that are sealed and waterproof will contain a "coin" battery which can last many years.  Coin cells are small discs often made of Lithium (3V) but Alkaline, zinc air, and manganese are also used (1.5V). They are very small and very light, great for small, low-power devices. They're also fairly safe, have a long shelf life and fairly inexpensive per unit.

When evaluating any type of claim that seems "too good to be true," use your best judgement in evaluating the statement.

In the case of Medical Care Alert's HOME system button batteries, we expect these batteries to last 5-7 years.  Once the battery gets low, it sends a signal to our Customer Service team and we will contact the client and send a new replacement button at no charge.  You'll receive the new button with fresh battery in just a few days, and then the old button can be discarded.

How Do I change the rechargeable battery in my HOME & YARD pendant? 

The HOME & YARD pendant from Medical Care Alert has a rechargeable battery that should be swapped out with the spare rechargeable battery every 30 days, unless the pendant announces "battery is low" and should be done sooner. 

To replace the rechargeable battery: Twist left to open, insert a 3.7v Li-ion rechargeable battery positive side down, with the silver smooth side pointing toward you. Close by twisting to the right until tight. Put the other battery in the Console charger.  You can click the link to see the full list of instructions on the HOME & YARD pendant battery here.


How often does the battery in a mobile medical alert device with GPS need to be charged?

If you have a mobile medical alert system like the HOME & AWAY MINI with GPS, it has a battery that can last up to 3 days on a single charge.  But we recommend you charge the MINImedical alert device daily for best results.  

When you first recieve you HOME & AWAY MINI system the internal battery will be fully charged.  You'll place it on the charging station to activate the system, and then you can test it.  Once you complete the initial test, we recommend you place it back on the charging station for 4 hours to ensure a full and complete battery charge - this way you'll know your MINI medical alert device is at 100% and ready to go.

After that, just place it on the charger at night and it's ready for use the next day.

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