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How To Change The Batteries in Your HOME & YARD Pendant

HOME & YARD Medical Alert System pendantWatch the video below to see how easy it is to change the battery in the two way voice pendant of your new Medical Care Alert HOME & YARD Medical Alert System

This system lets you speak to our EMT/EMD-Certified operators right through the water resistant 2-way voice pendant – you can be anywhere inside or outside the house within a 600 foot range of the base station – that’s up to two football fields!

If there is no battery in the pendant, insert one with the smooth silver end up. The pendant will tell you if the battery is fully charged.

REMEMBER – these are special rechargeable batteries. They ARE NOT AAA batteries, even though they are about the same size!

Pendant Battery Charging Compartment Light is RED when battery is charging, GREEN when fully charged, and OFF when battery is not detected in charger.

To replace the rechargeable battery: Twist left to open, insert a 3.7v Li-ion rechargeable battery positive side down, with the silver smooth side pointing toward you. Close by twisting to the right until tight. Put the other battery in the Console charger.

- LED Indicator: Flashes red when pendant is activated.

- Blue Call Button: Press for 4 seconds to initiate a call

- Gray Test Button (back): Press to test system and battery or to hang up a call



- Set-up your unit in a centrally located place. This allows two-way communication to be used effectively.
- During your first test, do a "range test" to make sure we can hear you throughout the home. Re-position the unit if necessary.
- Test your system weekly, and call us first before testing
- You only need to press your button ONE TIME for help -- pressing the button repeatedly will cause it to redial and delay the signal
- Send back your Personal Profile and contract right away


- DON'T use a power strip, extension cord or plug controlled by a light switch
- DON'T use any AAA Batteries in this unit - call customer service if you need replacement batteries
- DON'T change our phone cord -- it is a special cord for medical alarms
- DON'T press the button repeatedly -- it only makes the system redial again delaying your call for help. Press only once.
- DON'T test without calling us first -- otherwise you'll tie up our emergency operators on a non-emergency call
- DON'T change your phone service provider without checking with us first -- some of the inexpensive phone services won't work with this system


- Remember, MagicJack and Vonage don't work with our system, and they do not recommend using their phone service with ANY medical alert system

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