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Comparison of Medical Care Alert & Life Alert

There are many companies which offer medical alert systems to the public, each having their pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at Life Alert, the people who made the commercial ‘Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’

Life Alert was founded in 1987 to assist those who live alone, the medically ill, the elderly, and the handicapped. They have served hundreds of thousands of individuals in their 25 year span. Now, they have 9 offices nationwide and nearly 600 employees.

Life Alert’s medical alert systems consist of a custom-created call box and a 2”x2” pendant which can be used in times of emergency. The medical alert pendant is waterproof and ready for any emergency.

The medical alert systems by Life Alert also offer fire protection systems. They will monitor the smoke levels and call the trained dispatchers for further action. The state-of-the-art equipment makes sure that people are protected during the day.

One layer of protection that the Life Alert medical alert systems offer is the emergency help phone. In times of emergency, one push of the button will call the trained dispatchers at Life Alert. The communicator and receiver fits well within your pocket.

Here’s how the Life Alert Medical Alert Systems Work:

  • Press the button if you find yourself in an emergency. It is large enough so that even those with diminished vision can use it.
  • A signal is sent to the master unit. That signal will trigger a call to the dispatch center.
  • Within seconds, that dispatcher will be talking with you through the two-way communicator. Help, whether you have listed friends, family, or neighbors, will be called to assist you within your home. If necessary, fire, ambulance, or police can be dispatched to your home.

Here is how the Life Alert medical alert system compares with the Medical Care Alert system.

Life Alert ® is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc. Neither Medical Care Alert or American Response Technologies, Inc is affiliated with or has a business relationship with Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.

Features Medical Care Alert Life Alert
24/7 Monitoring Facility Y Y
Medical Monitoring Y Y
Range (in feet) 600 ft to anywhere in US 150 ft
Base Station Y Y
Pendant Y Y
Wristband Y Y
Water Resistant Y (some are waterproof) Y
Battery Backup Y, upto 72 hours Y
Wall Mounted Button Y N
Two Way Communications Y Y
Check-In Service Y N
Lock Box Y N
Voice Extenders Y N
Microphone in Pendant Y N
No. of Systems Available 3 -
No. of Payment Available 3 -
Wireless System Y -
30 Day Risk Free Trial Y N
Long Term Contract None Y, 3 years
Free Equipment Delivery Y Y
Activation Fees None Y
Cancellation Fees None Y
Contact via Phone Y Y
Contact via Email Y N

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