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​Exercises For Seniors That Can Help You Stay Young

​Exercises For Seniors That Can Help You Stay Young

Taylor McKnight on Apr 28th 2022

Exercises That Can Help You Stay Young

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If you want to live longer, several changes in your lifestyle and diet may help. While it's difficult as an adult to reverse the effects of aging, several simple changes can positively impact your health and longevity. 

Exercises can help you stay young. Some of these changes are technically separate from diet and lifestyle, but since they're so easy and effective, it's worth including them. They hardly take any time, and many don't even cost anything. 

Here are some exercises that the young or old can do:

  1. Hold your breath.

One little-known fact about our body is that it undergoes many changes during breathing. Breathing is directly linked to heart rate, blood pressure, and corresponding changes in our muscles, brains, and organs. Lying down, you can experience some of these changes yourself. When you hold your breath for as short as 20 seconds, you're changing your brainwaves to resemble a newborn baby. These changes change how the body functions and behaves.

2. Squeeze a ball.

The first time you do this exercise, you may feel dizzy, but it will get easier, and your brain will make new connections as time passes. This can help stimulate the midbrain area connected to memory and movement. You can also do this exercise by using a big thick book in your hands.

3. Bounce on a trampoline.

Bouncing on a trampoline may be as simple as just jumping, but it does an amazing job of promoting health for all ages. Often, the cardiovascular benefits of bouncing on a trampoline are overlooked, but the effects can be huge. Besides promoting heart health, it acts as a natural antidepressant and can cure depression quickly.

4. Jump rope.

This simple exercise can be particularly helpful for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and lack of focus. It also helps to promote heart health and clears the mind.

5. Walk barefoot.

Walking barefoot on the ground or grass can go a long way toward healing your body. Walking barefoot acts as a simple pressure point massage and can help improve circulation, remove stagnant energy and increase your focus.

Exercises that Improve the Elder Person's Health:

These exercises can be done in the morning, afternoon, or evening and can be done in less than thirty minutes. And to get the best results, it is recommended that these exercises are carried out regularly. They include:

1. Stretch and lean forward. 

elderly woman stretching in park

By stretching and leaning forward, you can help improve your posture, balance, and strength. This simple act can make a huge difference in the way you feel.

2. Walk outside in the sunlight with sunglasses on.

During the day, sunlight is your friend. Exposure to sunlight provides you with vitamin D and can help reduce depression. For those who cannot get outside during the day, the sunlight from their computer screens is just as good.

3. Walk on the grass.

Walking barefoot on the grass is a great way to improve circulation and muscle tone in your feet. Standing in the grass can make you feel lighter and happier, both physically and mentally.

4. Pick up heavy objects and carry them.

Carrying heavy objects gives you a natural and healthy high. It releases endorphins which can make you feel good and help to reduce stress. You'll also have an increased metabolism after doing it regularly.

Exercises that Improve Balance For Seniors:

The following exercise is done walking; it helps to improve balance control, strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve posture, and reduce back pain.  Improving your balance helps with  preventing falls and reducing injuries, too.  They include:

elderly man running

1. One-legged stand.

This is a great exercise for promoting balance, strength, and endurance. It will also strengthen your abdominal muscles, lower back, and core muscles. To do it, you need to stand on one leg and keep the other foot grounded. Then repeat this exercise with both legs on the same side.

2. Balance bicycle.

This is a great exercise for improving your balance and strengthening the muscles in your lower back, legs, and abdominal area. You need to stay on one leg and swing the other side of your body forward and backward.

3. Tightrope walk

This exercise is great for improving your balance and helping you to develop an improved sense of awareness. You need to walk on a tightrope about one foot in length, balancing your weight evenly on both feet.

4. Flamingo stand

This is a great exercise for improving your balance, strength, posture, and endurance. You need to stand with one foot out at an angle and balance on that foot. Then repeat this exercise with both feet out of the same.

Other Health Tips for Older Individuals

There are several other health tips for older individuals which can be implemented as part of aging. They include:

1. Stay positive and be happy.

elderly woman smiling with GPS medical alert system

One of the ways to keep your health in check is to be positive and happy. Anxiousness and depression can take a toll on your health, so try to stay away from negative situations and stay open-minded and happy.

2. Practice good hygiene.

Good hygiene can go a long way in keeping your health in check. Ensure that you keep yourself clean and avoid being exposed to harmful bacteria and germs.  Check out our  tips on how to prevent the spread of COVID and keep washing those hands!

3. Don't overdo it.

You should not overdo it when traveling, doing sports, or working. Do not push your body to do more than it can.

4. Eat properly.

A balanced diet is very important in keeping your weight in check and preventing diseases. Do not skip meals, especially on empty stomachs.

5. Be active and exercise regularly.

You should exercise regularly to stay healthy and increase your activity levels for the older age groups. The best way to exercise is by walking, running, swimming, and yoga.

Exercises That Seniors Should NOT Do

Certain exercises should be avoided in older individuals. Some of them include:

1. Martial Arts

Since older people generally have weaker bones, it is not a good idea to involve in martial arts. If a person gets hit too hard, they might fracture a bone and sustain an injury.

2. Stretching

Since an older body needs more time to heal, stretching shouldn't be performed. This can strain a person's joints and increase their chance of injury.

3. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a very dangerous activity for older people. Their bones are more susceptible to injury, and their bodies have a harder time healing. If a person does sustain an injury from rock climbing, it could take them extra long to rehabilitate from the injury.

4. Weight lifting

Lifting weights is dangerous for older individuals. Their joints are not as flexible, and their bodies have a much harder time healing. Weight lifting also puts more stress on an older person's knees, which can cause them to get injured.


Exercises are the best way to maintain the health of older people. With proper regular exercise, people can enjoy a better quality of life during their old age. It also helps to improve their psychological health by keeping them active and decreasing stress levels.

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for HOTWORX