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Is A Mobile Medical Alert System with GPS Right For You?

So many baby boomers and other elderly people find themselves faced with the decision of whether or not they should take the risk and continue their active lifestyles, or give up the activity that they love in order to play it safe and avoid potentially fatal accident.HOME & AWAY ELITE Mobile Medical Alert Pendant

An innovative new technology known as a mobile medical alert system makes it so that such a choice no longer has to be made. The HOME & AWAY ELITE mobile medical alert system from Medical Care Alert is an "All-In-One" mobile medical alert that is different from its predecessors. It provides users with the following:

  • Freedom and independence
  • Peace of mind 24/7
  • GPS and cellular connectivity
  • 2 ounce waterproof pendant with long battery life
  • Automatic Fall Detection
The HOME & AWAY ELITE mobile medical alert is the only one that combines fall detection, GPS technology and 2-way cellular voice communication into one tiny device. To top it all off, the device is waterproof and weighs less than two ounces so it won't weigh wearers down, or cause any inconvenience to them.

Innovative Fall Detection

Perhaps one of the most innovative features of this type of medical mobile alert is that it doesn't require users to have to push a button if they happen to fall. Most traditional mobile alerts require that a button be pushed in order for users to summon medical authorities and alert people that they are in need of help. However, with the HOME & AWAY ELITE's auto fall detection feature, the device can detect a fall even if users can't press the button.*

How It Works

The way this particular device works is by detecting changes in motion patterns. The software and sensors within the pendant detect the changes that make it possible for the device to recognize when the wearer has fallen. When a fall does occur, the device contacts the Emergency Response Monitoring Center automatically to ensure that no wearers find themselves fallen and in need of help, but simply unable to press the button. Of course, wearers also don't have to worry about accidentally triggering medical authorities every time they fall because if they, in fact, fall, but don't need medical assistance or the device was accidentally tripped, then they can press the medical alert button twice to cancel the medical alert call.

GPS Location Monitoring

GPS Mobile Medical Alert TrackingThe device also features built-in GPS location monitoring service so that EMT's can find users who need assistance even if they can't speak. EMT-certified agents are provided on-call 24/7 to locate where and when users need assistance so that it can be provided as quickly as possible.

Learn more about the HOME & AWAY ELITE mobile medical alert by clicking here, or call 1-855-272-1010.

* No automatic fall detection system can detect 100% of falls. Users should always press the button on their mobile medical alert if they are able to, when they need assistance.
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Actual photo of a HOME & AWAY ELITE GPS Pendant run over by an SUV! HOME & AWAY ELITE Medical Alert System With Automatic Fall Detection and GPS – Semi-Annual Plan

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