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Bathroom Safety For Seniors

Bathroom Safety Infographic

We all know that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. It's where most falls occur, leading to injury and sometimes death among seniors.

Do you currently have a Personal Emergency Response System? If not, it's easy to get started and will provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Here's how it works: The Medical Alert System is a device like a necklace or a watch that will give you the security of knowing that with the touch of a button you can get assistance in the event of an accident, fall, fire, break-in or any type of Emergency inside or outside of your home.

So if you slip and fall in the shower in your bathroom, you can press your shower-safe medical alert button and get help right away.

The very good thing here is if you have an active checking account, credit card or debit card, you can get the equipment for FREE, all you would need to pay for is the cost of the monthly monitoring, which is less than a dollar a day.

Surprisingly, many seniors seem to be shower-adverse and don't like to bathe. Particularly in cases of depression and sometimes dementia, there is a refusal by some seniors to take a bath or shower. You may want to check out these tips to convince your senior to get washed up in the shower or bath.

Regardless, the bathroom remains one of the most dangerous rooms in the house and is where most falls take place. The precautions on the graphic above can help you to make the bathroom safe for seniors.