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How To Compare Medical Alert Systems Companies

With so many choices, you need a good way to compare and get real customer stories.

When your loved one needs to use a medical alert system for health and safety reasons, you might not be sure of how to choose a reputable service. Instead of making a guess at which company will meet your needs and the needs of your family member, you can use authenticated medical alert reviews to find some of the information that you need in order to make a sound decision.
Angie's List Super Service Award

Consumer Review Websites

Consumer review websites are a popular way to read through medical alert reviews. Angie's List is a popular website where paid members can leave reviews about experiences with many different companies. Angie's List follows up to make sure that the reviewer actually engaged the company for the service provided. The company also has a chance to respond to the user's medical alert reviews.

Business to Business Organizations

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Business to business organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) allows consumers to leave feedback about a poor experience with a company. You can read through the listings of medical alert reviews from companies who have been reported to the BBB for failing to deliver services, overcharging or other ethical and business related problems.

Online Medical Alert Review Services

You can also look to special websites that are dedicated to comparisons and medical alert reviews. A few of these websites include and On these websites, you can read about the differences in equipment and services provided by medical alert companies and monitoring centers. You can also find out which companies offer their services in your area or the location where your loved one resides.

Word of Mouth

Another useful way to gain information about medical alert service provides is by word of mouth. This tried and true method allows you to get first hand information from people who have used the different medical alert services that you are considering for your loved one. Some good resources that might already be in your social network include your coworkers and neighbors who have elderly or medically fragile parents. Members of your faith community are another good way to learn about different medical alert system companies. If you are able to visit your loved one's physician with him or her, you could ask the doctor for his or her recommendation on medical alert monitoring services. Social workers and licensed adult daycare centers may also have helpful information about these services.

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