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Bathroom Safety for Elderly People

Make Your Bathroom Safe for the Elderly At Home

The bathroom is one of the most private areas in the home, and also one of the most dangerous for the elderly. It is very common for bathroom floors to become slippery. This leads to fall hazards that are especially harmful due to so many objects around. A sink, a toilet seat, or a bathtub could cause potentially fatal injuries if someone were to fall hard on them.

The Main Reason for Medical Care Bracelet Use

Medical care bracelets are used to call emergency services, and falls are the most common uses for them. A fall can be caused by more than just a slippery floor. Many elders find it difficult to stand for long, even for things they?ve done all their life. Others have problems standing back up. Another problem is toiletries that are now too far away for the elder?s range of motion. One reach too far and they may instead have to reach for their medical alert bracelet instead of the shampoo.

Tips for Elderly Care in the Bathroom

There are several elderly care safety items that you can install in a bathroom to make things safer for seniors. Just a few of these improvements can dramatically make the quality of life of your loved one higher.
  • First, have a medical alert bracelet. No safety feature is foolproof. Make sure that your elder can get care in an emergency by having access to a medical alert system, especially if they live alone. This small piece of equipment could save your loved one?s life.

  • Ask your loved one what problems they have moving around in the bathroom, and find features to address them. You may be surprised to find out what they consider to be a challenge. If they are resistant to changes, try to de
    bathroom safety
    monstrate how the new features can help. Clear demonstrations can do far more than insistence.

  • Install anchor grab bars and non-skid mats inside the shower area. Test these to see if they work after installing. Fake a fall and grab hard onto the bar to make sure it will hold.

  • If they have trouble moving in the shower, put in a shower stool so they can sit and clean themselves. Elderly care stores carry these.

  • Replace the shower head to one with a long hose. This can reduce the amount of movement needed in the shower and prevent a fall.
  • Make sure that the hot and cold faucets are labeled very clearly. It can take one wrong twist to cause a nasty burn.

  • Install night lights along the route to the bathroom and in the bathroom itself.

  • If you have tile or linoleum installed, consider getting textured tile flooring.

  • If there are any rugs that slip or bunch when walked on, these need to be replaced with non-skid mats.

  • If they have trouble sitting down low or standing up for long, have a stool nearby so they can sit while using the sink.

  • Consider getting a raised toilet seat or a toilet lift if they have trouble sitting up from low positions.

  • If they are unable to wipe themselves completely, install a bidet to assist.

By using these tips, you can help your loved one stay independent for longer and give them a higher quality of life. Do consider signing up with a medical alert system as well in case of an emergency.

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