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How to set up your EMS Hidden Key Lockbox from Medical Care Alert. Medical Alert Lockbox

Here's how to set up the Lockbox that comes with your Medical Care Alert Medical Alert System. Scroll down to watch our easy to follow video. You wont believe how easy it is to set up your new Lockbox from Medical Care Alert.

Just to review what the Lockbox is for, it provides Emergency Medical personnel easy access to your home in an emergency.

With the lockbox and key in place, EMS won't have to break down the door if you are unable to let them in.
Your lockbox secret code is in our system with your Personal Profile. Our EMT/EMD-Certified operators will provide it to emergency services if we need to dispatch them to your home.
Your Lockbox has already been programmed with a code that is on your Personal Profile paperwork. You can change that code at any time, just call to give us the new code. Please watch this entire video before changing the code!

Inside view of medical alert lockboxThere are three basic steps to set up your new Lockbox:

- 1. Open the Lockbox and - 2. Open the Shackle - 3. Place the key and close the lockbox
1. To Open The Lockbox, Make sure your 4 digit code is lined up in the center of the lockbox.
Hold the lockbox with the numbers face down in one hand, and pull back on the shackle (silver hook).
2. Open the shackle (the silver hook).
- There is a small release lever located inside the back of the lockbox that releases the shackle. Slide the silver release to the left and lift the silver hook.
3. Put In Your Key.
- Place your door key into the lockbox and shut it tight (hear it click).
- Turn the numbers so it is locked
- Place It On the Door (or any desirable location) and close the shackle. You should hear a click.
Now Call Us at 1-877-913-3680. You must call and tell us WHERE the lockbox is located, so that we may tell EMS where to find it (front door, back door, or other location).

How To Change the 4-digit Lockbox Code

Changing the lockbox code is easy, but you need to follow these steps carefully. Once locked, we CANNOT open a lockbox if the code is put in wrong or forgotten
To change the code follow these steps:
- 1. Open the Lockbox
- 2. Remove the small rubber cap
- 3. Move the reset pin to the right and up. It has a spring and may be hard to move
- 4. Enter your new code on the front dials, keeping the lockbox open while you do it.
- 5. Write the new code down
- 6. Return the reset pin to its original location, and replace the cap. At this point, the new code is set, so check the front again to make sure this is the number you want and that all numbers are lined up straight in the middle before closing the lockbox
- 7. Roll the dials to lock the box. Now Test to make sure your new code works correctly
- 8. Call us immediately with your new code
Thanks for choosing Medical Care Alert. We hope you never have to use your system, but we'll be ready if you do.

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