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$99 DIY Bathroom Safety Makeover Anyone Can Do!

For years we've talked about how important it is to make the bathroom safe for seniors. The bathroom is the Number 1 place for falls and injuries (pun intended). So we've created an inexpensive, do-it-yourself bathroom makeover to make your bathroom safe and comfortable!

Experts recommend making the bathroom easier to use for seniors, and easy to recover from a fall, slip or other mis-step.

Some of the top recommendations for bathroom safety include:

elderly man in shower

  • Raise the height of the toilet seat
  • Install grab bars in the shower
  • Remove loose scatter rugs or mats
  • Install a hand-held shower handle with long flexible hose
  • Add more light
  • Remove clutter
  • Use a non-slip mat or strips in the bathtub or shower stall
  • Use a shower chair

To help you make this transition, we've found an easy way that anyone can transform a bathroom for under $100, all with no tools required! And to make it even easier, all these items can be purchased on and delivered in just a couple of days! So now there's no excuse!

OK - let's get going!

Here's your shopping list and links to all the products we found. Shop around - you might find deals with open-box items that can save you even more money!








So let's review: you can shop online, have everything delivered in just a couple of days, set it up with no tools needed, and make your bathroom safer for $99.74. What are you waiting for?

Here are two more great ideas for being safe in the bathroom:

  • Wall Button for Medical Care Alert HOME systemKeep an extra Medical Alert button in the bathroom. Your Medical Care Alert button is shower safe, but we know some folks may not remember to bring it with them. So get an extra one and keep it handy
  • Don't close the door when you go. If you fall in the bathroom and block the door, emergency personnel will have a hard time getting in to help you. So leave the door open for safety.


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