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Why Medical Alert Jewelry is Better than a Cell Phone

Instead of a Medical Alert System, Can’t We Just Use the Phone?

elderly woman with medical alert jewelry pendantIt’s hard to go more than fifteen feet without being near a cell phone, but that fifteen feet can seem like miles when you’re in an emergency. A medical alert system is with you all the time, ready and waiting with a charged battery and a direct lifeline to people who can help.
Let me tell you a story that made me wish I had medical alert jewelry
Many years ago, I worked third shift at my job. I would get home around 8am, sleep through the whole day, and wake up when it was dark again to start the process all over. I woke up in the middle of the day smelling smoke.
I noticed that the ceiling had a bit of smoke on it, but there was still time to get me and the cats out of the house. I heard noises in the laundry room and when I went to investigate, there were flames between my apartment and the one above.
I got myself and the cats out of the house, leaving the phone and everything else behind. The neighbor across the hall was (thankfully) home, and I told him what was going on. He volunteered the use of his phone so that I could make a call. For the life of me, the numbers 911 had gone out of my head. The only number I could remember was one of an old college friend.
I finally remembered the number to 911, and as emergency personnel arrived on the scene, I was thankful that my friend reminded me to call the number.
When that happened, I was at the peak of physical condition. I was mentally alert and aware, but there was a fog that covered me while I was under that extreme stress. If I had a medical alert system, I would have pressed the button on my medical alert jewelry and told them what was going on. I would have saved the apartment building just a little sooner.

Why Medical Alert Jewelry is the Best Defense against Emergencies

When you’re in an emergency, time is of the essence. Any minutes spent trying to remember the number to 911, figuring out where the phone is, or otherwise fumbling around is wasted. Medical alert jewelry was created to be easy to use so that you could just press a simple button to gain access to emergency services.
A medical alert system is always on. There’s no need to worry about having a charge on the phone, or finding the phone in the first place. You can let trained, level-headed, EMT-certified personnel take control of the situation.
With a medical alert system, your information is on file with us. That means that if you pass out after pressing the button, our dispatchers can tell EMS everything they need know including what you’re allergic to and the medical conditions that you have. Precious time is saved when the emergency professionals know.
In a fire or other emergency, having medical alert jewelry beats a cell phone every time. Not only can you get in touch with people faster, but they can speak for you if you’re not able to speak for yourself.

If you're still unsure, check out these actual emergency transcripts of clients who needed help in an emergency.

About the author: Article provided by Emily Hunter, freelance writer

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