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Preventing Falls In The Home - 7 Simple Steps

Following safety rules in the home is very important for fall prevention.

Keeping things neat, clean, and tidy can prevent a lot of falls. Here are some things to think about if you have trouble getting around.

elderly person in wheelchair going up ramp in winter

Remove All Throw Rugs

Those throw rugs can catch on your toes and cause falls. If you’re in the kitchen a lot, consider putting in textured linoleum or thin carpeting.

Clean Spills Immediately

“I’ll get to it later.” Unfortunately, those 'later’ things cause hazards for those who are walking around. Immediate cleaning means you don’t have to pay attention to them anymore.

Keep Everything Closed

Murphy’s Law says that if there’s a possibility that you can bump into it, it will be bumped into. Closing cabinets, drawers, and doors when they’re in the way takes only a second.

Brighten The Dark Corners

In larger houses, there are plenty of dark corners which can cause trouble. Setting up lights where you need them will not only brighten up the house, but brighten up your life. Motion sensor nightlights are inexpensive and use little electricity.

Keep Clothes Organized

Store clothing, bed coverings, and other household items where you can comfortably reach them.

Get Help if you need it

If you find that something is heavier than you can lift, get assistance or reduce the load as much as you can.
Our goal is to help you to create a safe environment at home to help prevent falls and reduce re-admissions. We feel like education is key - that's why we provide this free fall prevention guide, and lots of other good ideas about independent living on our "Thrive!" blog or search using hashtag #NoFalls.

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