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Mobile Medical Alert Systems Keep You Safe And On The Move

New technology allows seniors to keep safety in mind while still being active.

There's a new wave of technology in the medical alert industry called mobile personal emergency systems or (mPERS).

Unlike traditional land-line systems that are tethered to a base station that operates within the home, these operate off of cellular signals just like cell phones. This means you can have monitoring in and out of the home, wherever you go. That includes taking the grandchildren to the park, golfing, playing tennis, or just out to lunch with friends. That's a major benefit to active seniors!

How does it work?
Mobile alert systems use a couple of different technologies. Some GPS systems use cellular towers to determine your location, while others use satellites. GPS tracking means that your approximate location will be automatically conveyed to the medical alert call center when you press the button. This is especially important if you are lost or unable to speak. When looking for a mobile alert system, look for a true GPS system that uses satellites. This is much more accurate in finding your location (it can get as close as 15 feet or less!), which can mean a big difference when there's an emergency.

Things to keep in mind
In addition to looking at the type of technology used in mobile alert systems, here are some other things to keep in mind.

  • Is it waterproof? Falls are just as likely to happen in the shower as they are when you are out and about. Check for a system that is waterproof so you can have it wherever you go without worrying about water making it malfunction.

  • Is it easy to carry around? If you're out with friends or running errands, the last thing you want to think about is lugging around a bulky system.

  • How is the battery life? Just like a remote, a mobile system doesn't work if the batteries are dead. Instead of spending money on new batteries every time it runs low, get a system with a rechargeable battery.