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Choose From Medical Alert Systems That Fit Your Lifestyle

Medical Care Alert has a variety of medical alert systems to fit your individual needs. We'll help you choose the right medical alert system based on your activity level, lifestyle, health, home layout, and personal preferences. We make it easy to get the right alert system for yourself or an elderly family members that's reliable and easy to use.

Help 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Our emergency response services are available 24/7. Every person who answers the call is an EMT certified agent in our US monitoring center.

No Contracts & 30 Day Risk Free Trial

We offer free equipment, no activation fee, and no long term contracts so you can cancel anytime you want. We also offer a 30 day risk free trial to make sure that this is the right system for you. Choose the right system based on your needs, from our HOME, HOME & YARD, and HOME AND AWAY systems.

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Choose Your System HOME
Medical Alert System
Medical Alert System
Medical Alert System
Home Systems Home and Yard Systems Home and Away Systems
Who It's For
Stays mostly inside
the home
Likes to garden,
get the mail,
visit neighbors

Travels, active
lifestyle with

How it Works
Powerful 2-way
"whole house"
Speak into the 2-way
pendant up to
600 feet from base
Speak into the GPS
cellular device
anywhere in USA
Phone Line Required
Yes – Land-Line
Yes – Land-Line
No – uses AT&T
Special Features • "Whole-House"
2-way speakerphone
• 1,000 foot range
• Hospital
Grade Quality System
• Speak through the
2-way voice pendant
• You can use the
pendant to answer
your phone
• 600 foot range
• GPS Pinpoint accuracy to determine your location
• Go Anywhere! AT&T
Wireless Network in
all 50 states
• Charging station with
home button included
Range Home System Range
Home and Yard Range
Home and Away Range
Call 1-855-272-1010

"I am very satisfied with the way you handle things and stay on top of every problem. I feel saver with my alert. My family is very pleased that I have one. When I had trouble with my battery I was sent new ones at no cost and after using them everything worked fine"
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May 29, 2014

"My mother has it and has been satisfied with it! Thankfully she has not needed it so it hasn't been tested in that way. But very patient and caring when she has called to test it."
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June 9, 2014

"My husband had fallen and the alert button was pushed and everything went as smooth as could be. Thank you for your services"
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May 28, 2014

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HOME-3G Medical alert system with medical alert button, 24/7 EMT-certified monitoring with monthly billing.  Hospital-grade. HOME-3G Cellular Medical Alert System – Monthly Plan

Your Price: $37.95 / 1 month(s)

HOME-3G Wireless Cellular Medical Alert Monthly Plan
HOME Medical alert system with 2 buttons, 24/7 EMT-certified monitoring with quarterly billing.  Hospital-grade equipment by BOSCH. HOME Medical Alert System - Quarterly Plan

Your Price: $89.85 / 3 month(s)

HOME Medical Alert Quarterly Plan

HOME-3G Medical alert system with medical alert button, 24/7 EMT-certified monitoring with annual billing.  Hospital-grade. HOME-3G Medical Alert System - Annual Plan

Your Price: $384.45 / 12 month(s)

HOME-3G Wireless Cellular Medical Alert Annual Plan