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It’s 2AM. Do you know where your grandma is? The GPS Medical Alert System Does

GPS Medical Alert Systems Can Track Your Location And Tell EMS Where You Are In An Emergency

The basic senior alert system functions well in the home, but what happens when a frail loved one falls outside of the home, while they’re exercising, or on vacation?  Can you be absolutely sure that your favorite senior citizens are staying within the 1,000 foot range of their conventional medical alert bracelet? The GPS medical alert bracelet performs anywhere there is cell phone coverage.

The Difference Between Basic and GPS Medical Alert Systems

A basic medical alert system is made up of two components, a call box and a medical alert bracelet. When a senior citizen has fallen or otherwise needs assistance, they push the button on the bracelet. That sends a signal to the call box, and the call box contacts a call center. Once the senior citizen is connected to the call center, they can explain the situation. The call center will evaluate the situation, contacting emergency personnel and family members as needed.

The GPS medical alert system relies on the cellular network in the area to transmit a signal to a medical alert call center.  This functions in the same way as the basic version of the senior alert system.  The GPS medical alert system ALSO transmits the coordinates of the medical alert bracelet so that emergency personnel can be directed to the proper location.  Knowing the exact location of that loved one can save precious minutes.

A GPS Medical Alert System Lets You Travel

If you or your loved one enjoys traveling, but you’re afraid of trips and spills, the GPS medical alert system provides peace of mind.  Since the button push puts you in contact with a medical professional wherever you go, you can keep exploring and enjoying the world without worrying about having a personal medical safety net.  It’s already there.

A GPS Enabled Senior Alert System Locates Loved Ones

There are some senior citizens who have difficulty with Alzheimer’s and other conditions which lead to decreased mental faculties.  The GPS medical alert system works well for those loved ones who tend to wander from home to try to find their old classmates, friends, and others.   Just by pressing the button on the medical alert bracelet, the senior citizen notifies someone of their location so they can be picked up, safe and sound.
While there are situations where you and your loved ones might need only the basic medical alert system, a GPS medical alert system not only pinpoints the senior citizen’s location, but it brings help faster.

Note: GPS bracelets are bracelets with GPS systems built in. This is not a watch with GPS.