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How Do I Return My Medical Alert System to Connect America®?

Connect AmericaDue to the popularity of our website, many Connect America® customers come to our website when they are looking Connect America’s information to return their medical alert system.

To help you out, we’ve provided a direct phone number for Connect America® so that you can easily call their customer service department to return a system. NOTE: We are not owned by Connect America® and only provide this information as a courtesy and convenience.

We highly recommend you contact Connect America® first, prior to returning a medical alert system to them. Keep in mind that Connect America® is a large company and offers their medical alert systems under several different brand names. You may have your medical alert system with any of the following brands under the Connect America® family:

· Medical Alert

· Medical Alarm

· CVS Medical Alert System

· Mobile Alert Systems

You can reach Connect America® at this number: 1-800-906-0872

You can write to Connect America® here (though they may have a different address for you to use to return their medical alert equipment):

Connect America

2193 West Chester Pike

Broomall, PA 19008

While we do not know Connect America’s return policies and Connect America® costs, the following is from their website and outlines the terms and conditions of their contract as it relates to returns and refunds:

Q. Who do I call if I wish to cancel?

A. Please contact our Customer Relations Department at 1-800-226-5400 for cancellation instructions.

Q. Do I own the equipment?

A. No. The equipment is the property of Connect America and is leased to you while you subscribe to one of our services.

Q. What is the cost of the unit if it’s lost or damaged?

The PERS replacement cost is $350.

The Mobile Alert replacement cost is $350.

The Alert 911 replacement cost is $150.

Connect America is a registered trademarks of Connect America, LLC. The information provided on this page is for informational purposes only.

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