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How To Set Up Your HOME Medical Alert System from Medical Care Alert.

HOME Medical Alert System by BOSCHThe HOME Medical Alert System is made by BOSCH, a worldwide leader in healthcare and communications technology. You've made a great decision! - When the monitoring center answers, you will speak with an EMT/EMD Certified operator over the two way speakerphone built into the console - The agents know who you are, will take appropriate action, and will stay on the line until help arrives. - And if for any reason they cannot hear you, or you are unable to speak, they will act as if there is an emergency and dispatch EMS services right away.
Now let's see what's in the box:
- First is a set of instructions and your Personal Profile and contract -- please complete, sign and return right away
- Next is the main console with power cord and phone line
- Buttons set up as either a pendant or wrist
- A phone line connector called a "T-Connector"
- And a DSL Filter

Setting up your HOME Medical Alert System:
- Step 1: Plug the phone "T" Adapter (1) into home phone jack
- Step 2: Plug the large end of the supplied phone cord (2) into the Phone "T" adapter's (1) large opening, and the small end into the Alarm Unit marked "TELE"
- Step 3: Plug your home phone line into the "T" Adapter's (1) small opening. Lift telephone receiver and check for dial tone. If "no dial tone" review your steps and try again.
- Step 4: Plug Power Adapter (3) into an AC outlet that is NOT controlled by a light switch, and connect the end to the unit marked POWER. Do NOT plug into a power strip, unit must be on its own power.
- Step 5: Turn on the POWER SWITCH. The light on front of the unit should be Solid green.
BEFORE we test the system, check out what everything is:
- RED BUTTON signals an emergency call just like your button
- GREEN BUTTON cancels a call -- use in case of a false alarm or accidental push
- YELLOW BUTTON is not active and used only in hospital settings
- Microphone (under red button
- Speaker
Now, let's test the HOME Medical Alert System:
- Call 1-877-913-5699 to put your unit on LIVE TEST MODE.
- They will ask for your PASSWORD -- this is the same as your ACCOUNT NUMBER ON THE STICKER
- After you hang up with the operator, press your pendant or wristband button once (not the button located on the base unit).
- There will be a series of beeps, you may hear a dialing sound, and lastly the unit will go silent. It will take 60-90 seconds -- don't disconnect, hang up or press your button again.
- An operator will come on and let you know that the signal was received. The operator will verify your address and answer any questions.
Set up is complete!!


- Set-up your unit in a centrally located place. This allows two-way communication to be used effectively.
- During your first test, do a "range test" to make sure we can hear you throughout the home. Re-position the unit if necessary.
- Test your system weekly, and call us first before testing
- You only need to press your button ONE TIME for help -- pressing the button repeatedly will cause it to redial and delay the signal
- Send back your Personal Profile and contract right away
- DON'T use a power strip, extension cord or plug controlled by a light switch
- DON'T change our phone cord -- it is a special cord for medical alarms
- DON'T press the button repeatedly -- it only makes the system redial again delaying your call for help. Press only once.
- DON'T test without calling us first -- otherwise you'll tie up our emergency operators on a non-emergency call
- DON'T change your phone service provider without checking with us first -- some of the inexpensive phone services won't work with this system
- Remember, MagicJack and Vonage don't work with our system, and they do not recommend using their phone service with ANY medical alert system

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