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How To Set Up Your HOME & AWAY ELITE Medical Alert System

HOME & AWAY ELITE Medical Alert System with GPS and Fall detectionCongratulations on selecting the HOME & AWAY ELITE Medical Alert System! You've made a great choice!

Let's set it up! It takes just a few minutes. Scroll down to watch our video with full instructions.
When you activate the system for the very first time, make sure you do it at the subscriber’s home address.
During this first initial activation, this location will be registered as your “home base” for the GPS location services.
Once the pendant is activated, it will use the AT&T wireless cellular network to connect to our monitoring center. We’ll know WHO and WHERE you are, anywhere in the USA where there is AT&T cellular coverage.
Now, let’s get familiar with the system. This is the ELITE pendant.
  • The top light shows your cellular signal strength.
  • Red for no signal, amber for a weak signal, and green for a good signal.
  • In the middle is the call button. You’ll press the call button to signal for help, or to cancel a call.
  • Surrounding the call button is the battery indicator. Green for "fully charged", amber for "charge soon", and red for "low battery".
  • At the bottom are the speaker and microphone.

On the back is where you’ll connect the lanyard or clip, depending on how you choose to wear the pendant. Let’s do that first.

  • Place the pendant in the palm of your hand, with the button facing down.
  • Line up the notches on the lanyard or clip, and press upward until you hear a “click”.
  • To remove the lanyard or clip, press down from the top of the clip with your thumb.
  • For best results, wear your pendant on your upper body with the lanyard or the clip. Most folks using the lanyard will keep it under their shirt. The clip can attach to your belt or clothing.

This is the charging station. to recharge, just place the pendant in the cradle.
  • You’ll hear a confirmation tone, and see a light around the call button when the pendant is seated correctly in the cradle.
  • You may need to adjust the lanyard to get a snug fit.
  • The ELITE pendant holds a charge for 24 to 36 hours, depending on your usage and cellular signal. For best results, charge your pendant for 4 hours daily, and never let your battery drain completely. Most folks will just charge it overnight.

Now, let’s plug in the charger and activate the pendant.
  • For best results, do this initial set up near a window to get a clear, strong cellular signal. But keep the unit out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating.
  • Plug the power cord into the charger, and then plug into a standard power outlet that is not controlled by a light switch.
  • Now, place the pendant into the charger.
  • You’ll hear a confirmation tone and see a light around the call button when it is seated correctly.

he first time you place the pendant into the charger, it will activate and download any updates.
  • While it’s activating, you’ll see multi-colored flashing “disco” lights around the call button. The pendant will announce “activation in Progress” to let you know it’s working.
  • All This takes about a minute to complete. Then the pendant will restart.

Now that we’ve activated the pendant, it’s time to test it.
  • To test the pendant, press and hold the call button until you hear a tone, and the device tells you it is calling the response center.
  • Once you’re connected, tell the operator you’re activating your pendant for the first time and are testing it.

Just Keep the Pendant in the Charger for 4 hours to get a full charge before you start using it.

If you chose the automatic fall detection feature, there are a few things you should know:

  • For best results, wear the pendant around your neck, or on your hip so its near your upper body.
  • Fall detection will NOT work if the pendant is in your pocket or purse, and will probably signal false alarms.
  • If a fall pattern IS detected, it will take 30 to 45 seconds for the pendant to determine if it detected an actual fall or just a drop. During this time, the pendant will be silent.
  • If it determines a fall occurred, you’ll hear a voice confirmation that a fall has been detected, and the pendant is calling our emergency response center and reporting your location.
  • In an emergency, always press the button yourself if you are able to. The fall detection sensors may not detect 100% of falls, so always press the button if you are able to.

Remember to test your system weekly, and thank you for choosing Medical Care Alert.